A Sock(or two) for Charity: Tibetan Socks by Adrien Field

Happy feet!

You know that old wives’ tale about cold hands and feet meaning you have a warm heart? Well, LA-based fashion designer turned yogi Adrien Field and his company Tibetan Socks are on a mission to bust that myth!

Hand-woven from Yak wool, Tibetan Socks are made by women in the Himalayas. They have also developed a new style with a felt sole for greater durability.

Each pair is unique, and super cozy, lined in fleece.

Each pair is unique, and super cozy, lined in fleece.

Not just for grown-ups! The site also sells socks for toddlers. Knitted from thick yak’s wool and lined in fleece, the socks feel like feet hugs. They can be worn as a slipper socks without shoes, but can fit in some roomier boots.

Tibetan Socks

Tibetansocks.com is committed to social responsibility and integrates Buddha’s teaching on dharma into its organization. A portion of every sale is donated to providing school lunches through the Sikkim Nutrition project, funding lodging at a Tibetan monastery school, and for the upkeep of Maiti Nepal, a safe house for human trafficking victims.

The People You’d Be Helping

So it’s not just your feet that he’s keeping warm and fuzzy, but your heart and soul as well.

You can buy Tibetan Socks on Adrien’s website  Tibetansocks.com.

Bonus: Karma points, my friends. Get those, because that’s the only currency that’ll never devalue!

Bonus: Karma points — the only currency that’ll never devalue!

And if you want extra karma points, you can sign up to be a brand ambassador here and help spread the good word!

 Sock Lore

Tibetan socks are hand knit in the Tibetan homes by Himalayan women who learned the technique over generations. While most people know Tibet for its agricultural heritage, the truth is nomadic tribes survived in the region’s cold weather by perfecting the craft of weaving and knitting.

Neolithic needles and Dressy Dead

Archeological excavations in Tibet Qamdo have unearthed bone needles indicating that the region’s ancestors were producing wool fabrics as far back as 4000 years ago! In Hami, Xinjiang, mummies wearing wool dresses have also discovered (stylish till death, dah-ling!)

About Adrien Field:


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Adrien Field is a designer and fashion editor from Los Angeles. His written work has appeared in HuffPost, India Today, New York Times, and Observer. He started Tibetan Socks in 2015 after closing his design firm.

Follow Adrien on Twitter, and his company on Instagram.

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