Pyjama review: Back to basics at Lila studio


One of is a joker, the other a professional pose-taker. Can you tell?


When Lila studio told us to come and check out their Shahpurjat store, we were like:

minions shopping

It was a balmy Tuesday afternoon when we landed up at the quaint little nook Lila has carved out for itself. Just past Les Parisiennes and opposite the Second Floor Studio, this boutique has a friendly and laid-back vibe. It’s like a hideaway from the city’s hustle-bustle.

The location Lila’s founder Shruti Narayan has picked for her boutique is airy, and simply designed.

Flattering natural light permeates every corner of the shop.

happy grumpy cat

Lila’s clothes have the same chilled vibe as the studio space. Using natural, breathable materials, Shruti and her team have created a repository of beautiful building blocks for everyday style.

Best of all: the well-tailored collection will not break your bank. We are definitely coming back here for all our basics. And not just for women, Lila has a full range of men’s clothing. There were few accessories, but we loved what was there. This dress, and the chaps below are personal favourites.

The staff at Lila is friendly and patient. Excitable and messy, we were a tornado hitting that serene shoppers’ spa, but they were like:


What else can we show you?

They made us feel like the whole place was at our disposal. More than once, we walked around having forgotten that we were in a shop.

Oh, this isn't my bedroom? Totally forgot.

Oh, this isn’t my bedroom? Totally forgot.



Lila-logoLila studio was founded in 2010. It retails out of Lila studio in Shahpurjat. For updates, follow the label’s Instagram page. For contact information, see their Facebook page.

Address: House # 17, Shahpurjat, New Delhi.

Prices: Between Rs 1,300 – Rs 3,000 for a shirt; Rs. 2,000 – 4,000 for trousers and dresses.


Special Thanks to our Pyjama Photographer.

bedi pyjama person shotKarishma Bedi is a Delhi-based photographer, full-on gunda, and a member of the Sisterhood of travelling pyjamas.

This is an example of her work:

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Check out her Facebook or Instagram page to see more.

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