Pyjama picks for Fall/Winter 2015


Winter is coming. When this is not said in John Snow’s sexy ‘I know nothing’ voice, it is a sobering thought. Too sobering, hand us that Patron. Stat.


Ok, now we’ve drowned out that chilling thought. Also, it helps that we wore short shorts yesterday because. No reason, just because.

But, time will come soon enough that cold winds and icy mornings will require layering beyond the layering than the Tacos and endless summer beer have bequeathed upon us.

For those of you who cannot handle going back to preppy V-neck Abercrombie sweaters and skinny jeans tucked into your boots, we offer some assistance on how to survive winter #pyjamastyle.


What’s swedge you ask?

To some, it’s a sweet wedgie (the kind your lover gives you when he thinks he’s undressing you but is really just pulling at your trousers, or if you ask for it, like this baby’s friend did.) Whatever that is, it does keep your butt warm.


But, others think of swedge as Sweet + Edge. We are those others.

Ditch the jeans and don a dress made of texture-galore fabrics like lattice, silk or sheers like georgette, and lace.

Free People



All Saints


All Saints

Add a wallop to the look by layering it with something humungous. This is a practical decision so you don’t freeze to death (though you wouldn’t because, let’s face it: a. we are in India, and b. global warming.)

All Saints


Karen Millen

A sweater, or suede vest, or a huge snake around your neck — the possibilities are endless, and PETA may not come after you for using snakeskin while it’s still on the animal.

J Crew

Add over-the-knee suede boots to the mix and consider yourself swedged, my friend.

Perks of this look:
  1. Large outer wear will hide that ‘it’s too cold to shower and so I have this dirty neck;’
  2. No need to wax off that winter leg-fuzz with them boots on.

Poncho Parade

As far as winter wear goes, the poncho is pretty much the pyjamas of coats. It is the sartorial equivalent of an exam in which you get full marks for simply showing up. Throw it on, walk on out — don’t even have to worry about pesky sleeves. It works on men too. What’s not to like?


Denim & Supply

Pepe Jeans

Maison Scotch

River Island

To complete that boho vibe, we  rummaged through the internet for the best bell-bots out there:


Layer long necklaces and sport a handle bar mustache for true-to-form 70s vibe.


Perks of this look:
  1. The poncho hides the paunch, yo!
  2. Now you stain it, now that’s gone: no one needs to know you’re wearing a hole-ridden sweater or a tee-shirt with haldi splattered front and centre.

Brobdingnagian coats

The oversized to the max coat is the cool girl in your high school who effortlessly, but perpetually, had perfect hair and nails, and whom every boy you knew wanted to sweep off her feet, and whom you tried to befriend (always unsuccessfully.) It is the Jennifer Lawrence of coats, is what we’re saying.


And she is so cool that she could wear her giant of a grandad’s coat out and about on a night on the town, if she so pleases. Plus points for being monochromatic.






Zara (duh!)

Perks of the look:
  1. Einstein endorsed: No worrying about whether your colour choices clash — they do not, so just wear and walk out.
  2. Cozy to the max: for when it does get really cold, one coat will bind them. Them being your whole outfit.

The Skravitz  / the scarf that ate all your other scarves

They’re back, they’ve mutated, and they beg the question:


These Godzilla sized scarves shouldn’t be feared; they should be understood. They don’t want to smother you to death; they want to keep your neck snug as a bug till their lizard spawn that are nested there will hatch and eat you whole. But that’s next year’s problem.



Perks of the look:
  1. Warmth, warmth; warmth. We cannot stress this enough: we do not like being cold.
  2. Will hide boobage from the gaze of creepy man on train or metro.

But not without my leather

Do we even have to say anything here?

Karen Millen


Vera Moda



Just leather — pants, boots, jackets (ok, especially jackets,) culottes, vests — that is all. For karma points, keep it vegan.


Perks of the look:

Er, hello… leather is its own perk.

Special mention: The feature picture is part of the Chloe Autum/ Winter 2015/16 campaign. 
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