#StyleDiaries: Day seven: Neha Dhupia for Kingfisher Supermodel Hunt


Kingfisher Supermodel Hunt Day seven

And on the seventh day, even Dhupia and I got a mini-break from the shoot… well, during the shoot anyway.

It wasn’t easy to cool our heels after the back-to-back filming schedule of earlier this week, but, somehow, we managed.



It was selfie central for a little while, but work finds you eventually.

A coterie of colour blockers

Neha and I love colour blocking. This s number is our dream, basically.

image-7 image-8

Stylist’s tip: Maxi-dress in statement colours. That is all.

The dress is by Turquoise and Gold, and accessories are Neha’s own. I like to think I influenced her into buying them, though!

Evening Look

Picture perfect princess

Yesterday’s sleeplessness-induced pumpkin hallucination gave me the idea to style Neha as a blushing beauty for the night.

Now while when I play dress up, it’s a bit like this:

Some of us are (hashtag) blessed. Neha looks like royalty in this dusky pink gown.

The look worked so well, we even went looking for a frog to kiss till he became a prince. We got a little lost in the woods, but at least we looked fabulous while wrestling with the nettles.

Inspo points to this amazing woman who proved that every girl is born a princess, even when they’re not born royalty.


Stylist’s tip: Vintage rose-pink gown and simple makeup a la Grace Kelley 

Neha’s gown was designed by Manish Malhotra.

All looks are styled by Chief pyjama Chola aka Sohaya Misra. Makeup is done by Angelina Joseph.

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She got her start working on Manisha Koirala’s costumes for the 1999 movie Mann and hasn’t looked back since! A veteran of the business, Cho’s styled films like Calcutta Express, to numerous national and international advertisements. She’s also a personal stylist to stars like Neha Dhupia and has two clothing brands — Bachcha Party for kids, and Chola(!!) After her debut collection The Pyjama Tribe Sohaya was named the Grazia's Young Designer of the year 2016.

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