Pyjama People x Sayon : “Got wood?”

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Pyjama People presents: Sayon’s frank ad campaign


Sex doesn’t sell, but you’d have a hard time convincing the advertising industry of this fact.

The going mantra seems to be what Swapan Seth, chairman of ad firm Equus Red Cell, once said: no harm in a bit of “creative cleavage.

Then, there are ads like this one tell us that the thing to do with a gorgeous naked woman is to make her pretend to be a dressing room ottoman.

table sexist

Or, that you’re not anybody till you’ve given a naked corpse an oil massage while dressed in fabulous formal wear – complete with a dapper pocket square. (And you’re really a nothing if you don’t check out her Brazilian wax.)

tom ford

Legit university-sponsored studies aside, and even as the ad industry changes, albeit, at snail pace, stats say Ford’s funeral/ massage parlour ads are rather popular with men. (Interestingly, even on an international plane, 89% of the creative directors of ad agencies are also men.)

We imagine it’s a bit like this:

They may have gotten it partially right, though. An Ohio State university study on the subject found that it wasn’t the case that sex didn’t sell. Rather, sex doesn’t help sell anything besides sex (and related products.) So while he was busy Equal Opportunity Objectifyinghand moisturiser manufacturers likely profiteered the most from Ford’s shiny sales pitches.

That’s right, Tom. Put those reading glasses where they belong for a change.

When our friend Sayon, recently named Grazia’s Young Accessory Designer of the Year, told us selling his gorgeous creations was, sometimes, still a pain, imagine our surprise.

Then we saw his sweet product pictures:

and realised we needed to Ford-ify his sales pitch, but with some #pyjamastyle.

We hope our pointers kept you focused on the right pair, but just in case: Sayon’s gorgeous creations are the customised wooden eyewear.

Special Thanks to our contributors:

Pyjama Photographer:

bedi pyjama person shot

Karishma Bedi is a Delhi-based photographer, full-on gunda, and a member of the Sisterhood of travelling pyjamas. You can follow her work on Instagram and Facebook.

Pyjama Model:


Karuna Ezara Parikh is a television anchor, model, writer, and the sexiest beast we know. You’ve seen her on NDTV’s Life is a Beach; read her poetry on The Post-It Poetry Project; and (if you don’t already) can stalk her on Instagram.

Product Designer:


Sayon Chatterjee makes unisex wooden eyewear that make a statement. Find out more about his work on his Facebook page and from his Instagram feed.

After the shoot, he said, “people will want to BE my product now,” but you can also place orders by sending him an email with the subject line Got Wood to his address Priced between Rs 6,000 up to Rs 15, 000, we suggest you snap up these babies stat.

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