Lookbooks We Love: Payal Khandwala’s Boho Princesses

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If we were princesses, Payal Khandwala would be our dressmaker for life.

Her clothes are relaxed, yet regal; effortlessly blending antique fabrics with modern draping and silhouettes. This limited edition collection has us Pyjamas by the proverbial nadas because we can’t figure out which garment we love the most and must make ours for life.

Verdict: All of them, we love all of them.

While we are usually the primary proponents of #AllBlackErrything, when it comes to traditional clothes, we agree that it’s not a real Indian outfit unless it involves a riot of colours, textures, and extravagance. But, we still like our clothes #pyjamastyle, which means they have to be easy to wear and comfortable.

As you can imagine then, with wedding season right upon our heads, we are pretty much the Goldilocks of shopping for the season – it’s near impossible to find an outfit that isn’t either too much or too little. Either they have no pizazz or drown you in a tidal wave of sequins.

This is when we turn to Payal. All her clothes have a way of bringing together the melting pot of old and new that is India today, but this collection is especially so. It is like an homage to the ancient that seems to march on forward into Indian fashion’s future.

The clothes are as beautiful as Beyonce and as chilled out as Willie Nelson; the fabrics as luxurious but styled subtly. What’s not to love?

We’ve got our eyes on a choice few, Payal and you’ll be hearing from us soon enough. Till then, on the whole, succinctly what we have to say about this collection is:

About the designer:

After founding her brand in 2011, Payal Khandwala launched her brand’s flagship store in 2014. Before this, she studied Fine Arts and Fashion while living in New York and Barcelona. She works with handwoven silks, khadi, cotton and linens in “a palette that is rich and soaked in a tradition of colour.” See more of her work on her website and follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


We’re always looking for new designers to showcase. So, if you’ve got a lookbook you think we’ll love, send us an email to payjamapeople@gmail.com with the subject line Submission for #LookbooksWeLove.

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