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Our friend Antima has an amazing eye for the unusual.

This is the first of her weekly doodle series for the Pyjamas, and we couldn’t be more excited!



In the artist’s words:

“I’ve been drawing ever since I can remember. In my formative years, growing up in a boarding school, I’d write letters to my mum… only I drew them. So if I had to say ‘Dear Mom ‘ I would draw my mum out.

The drawing naturally led me to art and I found myself a graphic designer at the end of my education. As it happens, my pencils and papers moved down to the drawers and were soon replaced by a shiny iMac on my desk, which took up almost all my time.

Last 15 yrs I’ve been practicing as a graphic designer and ran a small boutique design studio – Antsatwork.

But, the last two years have been hard for me due to some serious health issues. I had to stop doing my desk job and focus on my health.

For a long time I stopped drawing, and it felt unnatural, to be honest.

Now, I’ve started drawing again and it needed to be perfect. My brain had turned digital with a Ctrl + Z key and nothing I made seemed good enough. This forced me to go back to my roots.

Using a sketchbook again helped me re-learn things that I had forgotten – it became that place where I could make mistakes; the pencil on paper taught me that it was OK if the drawing was not perfect. It inspired me to continue illustrating even with the imperfections and the mistakes; It made me see the mistakes too had beauty in them.

Now, I keep a memory journal – as a record of things that have happened and places I’ve been. The above illustration is from my time in Berlin.

Most people write journals but I draw one – old habits die hard I guess.

I don’t need a companion if I have my sketchbook and pens! But just as people are about their partners, I’m super picky about my sketchbook – getting the right size, thickness, texture, colour is of prime importance. My sketchbook becomes my alternate universe – a place where I record the world the way I see it.

I encourage all Pyjama readers to draw, doodle, sketch a little. Record the world as you see it, no judgment, just drawing!”

Special Thanks to Antima Nahar

A Goa based artist, Antima has studied graphic media design at London College of Communication.


You can follow Antima on Instagram or email her on to find out more about her work. She will also be a regular contributor on our website. More of Antima’s work is available on her website.

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