I like big buns and I cannot lie!


Cho’s Buns

Most women hate man buns… on men. It is, however, fast becoming my favourite hairstyle.


The reasons are many:

  • Instant edge to any outfit. Here’s an almost effortless how-to for those you think differently.


  • It’s great for when you can’t decide whether you want to wear your hair up or down: just do both!


  • It may save you from drowning in an ocean because the beanstalk of a bun will stick out from underwater and aid rescue workers in finding you. It’s better than a flare SOS signal, girls (which never work as we saw so many times in Lost.)


  • It’s not a man bun, dammit. It’s a style women have been wearing (perfecting and deliberately imperfecting) for centuries (since the Greek age to be precise.) It’s a woman bun appropriated by men.


  • And, lastly, women (usually) work this style better than the men!



Special Thanks for our Pyjama contributors!!


Venus Pereira is a veteran makeup artist with an eye for the unusual and a style goddess in her own right. She’s worked with publications like Filmfare, Elle, Vogue, and also done hair and makeup for television and films.

See more of her work here.  



Siddharth Lalchandani specialises in portrait photography that captures his subject’s soul, and the viewer’s heart. Basically, he’s an evil spirit king, so watch out! See more of his work here.


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The clothes worn in the shoot are from Sohaya’s indie-chic label CHOLA. You can see more of her killer creations in our Lookbooks We Love: Pyjama Tribe and Chola’s Shop sections of our blog.

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Creative Director, Pyjama People

She got her start working on Manisha Koirala’s costumes for the 1999 movie Mann and hasn’t looked back since! A veteran of the business, Cho’s styled films like Calcutta Express, to numerous national and international advertisements. She’s also a personal stylist to stars like Neha Dhupia and has two clothing brands — Bachcha Party for kids, and Chola(!!) After her debut collection The Pyjama Tribe Sohaya was named the Grazia's Young Designer of the year 2016.

Twitter @chola_is_me / Instagram: @sohaya