Rose hip seed oil: the raddest not-a-radish to fix your skincare woes


We’ve been getting a lot of compliments on our skin lately, and while we’d like to say ‘we got it from our momma,’ we really owe it to nature’s cutest fruit-thigy — the rose hip plant!

What’s a rose hip, you ask?

We’re glad you did.

It’s not the bum of a rose. It’s not even made from roses. It comes from an entirely different plant found specifically in Chile (but now also on our bedside tables.) The buds from the plant look a bit like mistletoe, which is perfect because the essential oil from them make your skin look hells-kissable.


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Adorable looking, right?

But, Rosehip seed oil isn’t just a pretty plant. It is filled with antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins A & C. These are known to fix up those fine lines (though, they’re badges of honour so don’t feel obliged to remove them unless you want to.)

The plant’s essential oil is also great for correcting dark spots and scars. But, it is also great for hydrating dry skin.

If you look like this in these weird weather times:


From Cleo to Kerr: this essential oil has been around for ages

Not a new hipster craze, the plant has been used for eons by beauty-savvy women. Way before Miranda Kerr declared her love for it, Egyptians and Native Americans were known to use it for healing scars.

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Our Review

We used rosehip seed oil as part of our nighttime beauty regime for a month. We’re not the most easily convinced to do anything extra before bed, but we did love ourselves a bit-o-hip.

The essential oil isn’t greasy or heavy. We both have combination skin and did not wake up with a pot-sticker face the morning after using the oil.

After about a fortnight, we noticed a slight reduction in appearance of pores on our face. We also noticed that our skin had a healthy glow to it. By the end of the month, we were like:

The plant is nature’s botox, scientists say. We agree. And it leaves your facial expressions intact.


Rosehip seed oil also contains Vitamin C and Vitamin A. The latter is also known as retinoic acid, which is great for erasing those pesky wrinkles and lines. Just be careful to wear sunscreen if you’re using this oil, as retinoic acid works by peeling away dead cells and makes your skin extra prone to sunburns.

Does it work?

We can definitely tell you it works on us. But, our favourite beauty blog, Beauty Brains also looked into a small study wherein “the subjects were instructed to apply Rosehip oil twice daily and not to use any other skincare products. Evaluators assessed the effect on both new scars and old scars at intervals of 4, 8, and 12 weeks. The results showed the following: 41% improvement in colour of scars; 27% improvement in appearance of scars; 26% improvement in visible area of scars. (By the way the ratings were both clinician rated and self assessment.)”

Ready to wake up looking like a princess?

Here are some of our Rose Hip Seed oil product recommendations:

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So, go on, get your rose hip on and be like:

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