#AntzDoodlesForPyjamaPeople #9: Thailand

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Thailand, part 2

By Antima Nahar


So, after the planning hullabaloo, here I was – in a beautiful Thai resort surrounded by friends, all of whom were in a frenzy about the nonwedding. It was a perfect set up with all the ingredients for a three-day non-stop party – just not so great for me. I can’t drink, remember? And that was just the icing on the cake.


I had my diet, my exercises and a whole lot of other things that were just not in sync with the happenings of the infamous room number 2222 where all my friends partied post wedding functions.


I might have had some very different sketches to show had I been in there but alas I was banned. The rainy pool scene wasn’t much help either as it made my joints swell up and ache.


RA 17_PP.JPG.sb-477ec52b-R4SES9


So basically I had a little sideshow going on. I was waking up fresh when everyone was going to bed and possibly the only person from the party making it to the set breakfasts each morning. The whole deal could have been super depressing, but once again the sketchbook came to my rescue. I sketched and sketched and saw things that I might have missed. The feeling of finishing each one of those illustrations was so fulfilling that I realised my art gave me all the high I needed. Cheers to that one!
RA 17_PP.JPG.sb-477ec52b-R4SES9
Special Thanks to Antima Nahar


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Antima Nahar
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Antima Nahar is a graphic designer and illustrator who works under the name AntzDoodles. She ran a boutique design studio Antsatwork till she had to go on sabbatical after being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. While focusing on her health is paramount to Antz, creating art is who she is. Follow her illustrated adventures on her weekly #AntzDoodlesForPyjamaPeople posts and on her instagram @antzdoodles