Four Prince-ly live performances to make you miss him even more


Prince was notorious about enforcing his copyright. Now, with his premature passing — he was only 57-years-old — we, the internet-generation, are left with only a few live performances and a handful of YouTube videos to remember him by.

But, remember him we shall.

Here’s four prince-ly moments in pop history to help you through this sad day.

  1. Singing ‘Creep’ live at Coachella in 2008

    The upload of this performance was originally blocked by Prince. It’s now available with permission from Radiohead. In Thom Yorke’s words, “tell him to unblock it, it’s our song.” You have to admit that Prince does Creep better than anyone else ever could. #RIP

   2. Prince and Cee Lo singing ‘Crazy’ live in New York City in 2012

This is rare footage of Prince playing guitar for Cee Lo at a performance in NYC. Let’s be honest, Cee may be singing, but that hot pink pant-suit is really what’s centre-stage.


3. Prince and Lenny Kravitz playing ‘American Woman’

Two legends, one song. What else is there to say? Watch, listen, love.


4. Prince playing Purple Rain during a pouring downfall at Super Bowl 2007

Who else but a prince would use four live electric guitars in a live show in an open theatre in the middle of the pouring rain? An NFL representative tried to warn him and said, “listen, it’s raining, just warning you.” Prince replied, “Can you make it rain harder?” #LEGEND


Ok, maybe not just the day. We’ll be watching these all weekend.

But, that’s not all. Prince had a not-so-secret vault at his Paisley Park residence, where many say he recorded some of his best work. These songs were never released, but maybe now they shall be. We hope so.

And remember, Prince wrote nearly all the pop songs we all know and love. Manic Monday by The Bangles — written by Prince; Nothing Compares to You by Sinead O’Connor — written by Prince; How Come You Don’t Call me by Alicia Keys — written by Prince.

Here’s some more legends that he wrote for others, because he was a Prince.



Plus, we can never let you forget this: Prince and The Muppets!



Goodbye, prince-logo_1674037a

We won’t forget you. #RIP



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