This French artist’s illustrations show a real perspective into women’s lives

Cecele FI

Pyjama People were loving French illustrator Cecile Dormeau before we even knew how to pronounce her name. Actually, the pronunciation part remains hazy, but her Tumblr and Instagram, plus a recent interview with HuffPost has shed some light on the woman who created our all time favourite .GIF!

Not that we don’t love all the fun art this illustrator offers, but here are 17 works that we especially adore because each highlighs both the oddness and fun parts of being women .

1. The Morning After Look

Why you shouldn’t throw away your stash of overly big sunglasses — bought during an ill-advised love of The Simple Life and all things Paris & Nicki. Bee eyed is better than blurry eyed, right?


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2. The post-gym outfit

Sweating like a pig, smelling like baby powder infused with irritation  at the lovely — read: annoyingly bendy girl ahead of us in hot yoga — thinking about the huge meatball sub that we’ve “earned” and will most definitely be stuffing our face with in 3..2…


3. Sunday Fashion Goals

Nope, not even asking you. We know. This is everywoman’s Sunday fashion. F*ck #brunchstyle, give us some #poolside #allday. Better yet, seaside.


4. Yoga: exhausted child pose

#YesAllWoman and not just moms will relate to this. Statistics show that woman, who are expected to multitask a lot more than men, are generally exhausted all the time, erryday.


5. The Mom Life

If you’re a mom, or know a friend who is one, this just resonates, no?

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 1.17.14 am


6. The cup is always bigger on other side

We confess, our boobs vary in size depending on what – as our mums put it – body armour style padded bra we are wearing that day.


7. When you find true love

The hairier the better, because we ain’t no wax our snatch girls (No, we ain’t no wax our snatch girls.)


8. Hold that pose

Hold that pose is a model-industry term that is now common parlance among anyone with a selfie addiction (so all of us.)

Cecile Dormeau


9. It’s not a paunch, it’s a trampoline that brings all the boys to yard.

We’ve been saying it for ages: that is not fat around our waists, that is a source of non-electronic entertainment. Yes, those still exist.

Cecile Dormeau


10. One boob is always bigger than other

Water it away, girls. And let us know if it works: we’ve tried everything. #SomeBoobsAreBiggerThanOthers

11. Love Handles

Wrongly classified as fat, these are really nature’s means of ensuring a person can be carried around in case they’re feeling lazy (and someone is nice enough to volunteer.)


12. Are you Indian and don’t get this?

Ketchup, ’nuff said.


13. We are all united by our love of WINE!

Stick together. Fact: women have more chances of having nice wine in their purses than men do.


14. Skater girl in what looks like a hijab?

We love. In fact, one of the things we like about Dormeau is that she seems to consciously seek out women of all colours, shapes, sizes and phases of life to illustrate.


15. Before there were baby-slings, there was the mom butt

Like we said, all colours, all shapes and sizes, all phases of life. She’s got her eye on us all and it’s a damn perspective one.

#illustration #woman #baby #doodle #drawing #notebook 🍦

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16. We have all been here

We were here just this morning, actually. 🙂

Dormeau told HuffPost that she hopes her work “to help women realize that those taboo topics aren’t off limits for discussion.

‘Through my illustrations, I want women to realize that we are all a bit fucked up sometimes — and that’s completely OK,” Dormeau said. “You’re not alone to struggle and fight with your insecurities and problems. We just have to find a way to speak about it, share it and laugh about it together. We are enough, we are great just as we are.”‘

We couldn’t agree more, and we’ve not stopped laughing since we discovered her!

But, this piece of work is particularly close to our hearts:


17. In our heads, you will always be titled #DelhiMetroWarbrobeGoals


All images from Cecile Dormeau’s Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram.

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