These fun paintings of women giving zero f*cks are gorgeous!

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Based in Atlanta and hailing from New Mexico, 28-year-old artist Monika Kim Garza’s work caught our eye on InstagramThe art is gorgeous, her technique is both reminiscent of classical masters, and distinctive for the way she chooses to portray women. The unapologetic attitude that her subjects exude and the fun colour palette she uses are utterly empowering and beautiful to gaze at.

I spoke to Monika about her work in a brief interview:

Could you tell me a bit about yourself?

I was born in New Mexico, but raised in central Georgia. I went to college in Syracuse for one year, then transferred to school in San Francisco. Between that time and now, I moved to Atlanta, South Korea, Brooklyn, and back to Atlanta.

I really love painting and creating things. I taught myself how to draw when I was a kid, and decided to go to college for it, instead of studying something else.

I love painting

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I believe in Karma and God, and try to carry that with me in everything I do.

What is that?

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Straight up, you must be asked this a lot: Why paint nude women?

Why not?

You never call me on my cellphone

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We came across your art while searching for #eroticaart, would you consider that to be an apt description of your work?

If nude means erotica, then sure. I am a fan of “erotic” art. It dates back to B.C. You can see it so apparently in Greek and Roman art, as well as Indian art. This has influenced a lot of my work.

bienvenidos a la selva – in @sumzine magazine

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But, in your opinion, are they erotic in any way?

I suppose some of my work is more erotic than others, in that there is a sexuality and sensuality about them. Sex is a big part of life, and expressing it in art is quite natural when you think about it.

Damn he still ain’t text me

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Rattail had me like 👄

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What inspires you?

Life, color, shapes.

Art typa bitch

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You seem to work in multi-mediums. Which ones are your favourites?

I love drawing, painting, using mixed media, ceramics, sculptures, sewing, everything. I wish I had the funds to do more, to do bigger, and to use expensive materials. I feel like every medium can speak in different ways and I love being able to have a different feeling with my art. Because like a human being, we all feel different ways and have different moods. 

Llama 2014 #ceramics

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What do you hope the audience takes away from your art?

Anything they want.


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What are you trying to capture when you create a work of art?

The essence of my being and bits of my life. I paint because I love it. It’s in me and I just want to let it out.

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So, are these self-portraits?

I’m not portraying myself directly, but sure they look like me a bit.. and I always refer to myself. Because I don’t have money for models, I use my mind. But not all the paintings have to be about me. Depends.

I been drinkn

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What art influences you?

I love cultural arts, artisans, historic art. I grew up aspiring to be like Michelangelo, Gustav Courbet, Titian, Caravaggio, and other masters. I still love all of those artists today, and often refer to them.

Let me touch it let me feel it let me grab it that fat rabbit 🐇#flossgloss

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However, I also really loved Frida Kahlo, Phillip Gustun, Matisse, Basquiat, Warhol, and many others.


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I see a lot of paintings of water sports, beaches: do you draw a lot from your life in your art?

I am in love with the beach. I love fruit, good food, and music.

Costa Rica

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What do you like to do when you’re not making art?

I enjoy cooking, exercising, playing with my dog, being outside, yoga, pilates, doing honey masks, skin care, shopping, reading, listening to music, and movies. I really love the beach and nature, so if I have any opportunities to explore those, I will.

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We’ve noticed your art can be bought from your website as prints and tee-shirts. Do you ship to India, as well? 

Yes I do 🙂


Monica’s prints are available on tee-shirts starting at $29.50. The tees are a 100% cotton, and you can request a print not listed on the site by emailing her on She sells her art prints starting at $100. You can also purchase her original artwork via email. 

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