From the boardroom to the beach: styling the shirtdress



Shirt-dresses: the ultimate cool-girl go-to spring outfit, but it is also a lazy but fashion-curious girl’s best friend. It’s also one way to make an “I wanna be Carrie in Mr. Big’s shirt” fantasy come alive.


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But, there’s a million ways to wear these seemingly simple pieces of clothing. In fact, consider them the new neutral: a blank canvas on which anything is possible. We aren’t kidding, they’ll take you from the boardroom to the beach.

Here’s a starter kit with four ways to style a shirt dress. The same looks would applies if you tried a black or (our favourite favourite: a red one!)

1. Boss Lady

Who needs pants in this centre-of-the-sun kinda weather. Walk into office looking beautiful, breezy and #likeaboss.

He asked me “what’s your favourite position ?”

I said “CEO”


Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 3.46.12 pm

Style Tip: Belt that shirtdress and accentuate your waist while adding structure to the outfit. Don’t forget the top-knot — gotta survive the heat, remember? 🙂 



2. Back To The Future

Simple clothes make outrageous accessories look amazing. In fact, the two styles are peas in a pod, siamese twins even, and should always be worn together.


Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 4.00.23 pm

Style Tip: Pair your shirtdress with a statement necklace, and metallic booties. Add a sexy-as-hell pout into the mix for an extra oomph. Also,with the futuristic accessories , it could be boss lady part part deux from the future . 


3. Tassel me, don’t hassle me. #WeekendVibes

Just thrown that shirtdress on, don a cute straw hat and some flats, and you are done, son. Keep thing simple with a neutral coloured sling bag or a tote, and don’t overdo the make-up because you are already freaking beautiful. 🙂

Isn’t this what we like about this spring trend the most? Absolute ease? Yes, please!

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 4.20.38 pm

Style Tip: Lace up flats, or cute slip-ons and add a twist with tassel and cover Friday’s hangover with a trusty primer: Brunch, here you come.  


4. To the Beach!

Finally, the one we’ve been waiting for. It’s called a shirtdress we know, but who says it can’t double as a beach cover-up or a pretty summer trench?

Pair your cropped top or bikini top with a pair of short shorts, and wear the shirt like a cover up.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 4.42.17 pm


5.Biker Chick

“Forget glass slippers this princess wears motorcycle boots.”

Black and white, leather and  boots, mark all our boxes.

A perfect after work party look. Just slip on those sleek pants and the I feel so sexy boots and your good to go on all night.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 5.08.01 pmWhere can you get yourself a nice  shirtdress?

We hunted down some variations of the classic. In case you haven’t gotten yours, these are #PyjamaRecommended.

These are our favourite variations of the classic by different designers, including the IT ASOS (as seen on Sonam) shirt dress of the season (as seen on Sonam

Chola the Label

9E9A3077 copy

You can order your very own fits-like-a-glove Chola white shirtdress by emailing to book an appointment.

Anomaly Classic Blue shirt dress

We just keep coming back to this dress. It’s just time to simply say it: we love it. There’s a million ways to style it, but it kinda just styles itself, doesn’t it?



Runaway Bicycle Cobalt Blue dress with lapels

To be truly honest, we want everything in Runaway Bicycles new Piano Nights collection.



PS- Should you find yourself in Mr. Big’s bedroom, or even Aidan’s — actually, especially Aidan’s –please, send us a #selfie our way, you lucky girl. Let us vicariously live through you! 😉

Can you think of more ways to wear this wardrobe staple? Style it, take a picture of yourself, upload it on you Instagram and tag @pyjamapeople. We’ll be reposting all your styles!  

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