#HappyGeekDay: Joss Whedon’s stylish and strong women.


If you’re fan of sci-fi television or a 90s kid, you know Joss Whedon. The man created Buffy, he made FireFly; he is a Geek God. Before him, women in science fiction television were portrayed as damsels in distress or sexualised goddesses.

But, Whedon has never shied away from his interest in portraying strong women. He’s actually been asked why he likes to write female leads. His infamous answer: “Till you stop asking me that question.”

His female protagonists were powerful (literally,) yet vulnerable, complex; led emotional roller coasters for lives, but on their own terms without ever being apologetic about it. They were good, bad, ugly (ok, they were never ugly.) They were super humans, but still relatable and fun.

So, on the man’s birthday I’m giving him a little nod, #pyjamastyle. Here are my favourite Whedon Women from shows written and/or directed by him as my kudos to a man whose female characters have never lacked humanity or style. Most of these styles are so on point right now, I suggest you copy them. Lord knows I spent my tweens doing exactly that.

I have to start with my favourite.

Firefly’s Inara Serra

Easily the sexiest and strongest character Whedon has ever created, Inara Serra – a courtesan in Whedon’s cult TV show Firefly pretty much brought classy back to sci-fi. But, she was more than that. Fiercely independent, Inara challenged the common notion of sex work as something to be ashamed of, and (if you’re a die-hard Firefly cult-fan like me, you know) she kicked ass time and again on the show. All of this, while styled impeccably in outfits I would STILL like to wear.

#Props: She bought the sari-dress into full focus even before DVF made it all the rage:


PS- if you’ve NOT watched Firefly yet, I suggest you do. The show had only one season and spawned a cult following like no other show before or after it. NGL, I’m a die-hard Firefly fan.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Whedon’s women are never cut from the same cloth. This is my all-time favourite thing about them. Shield’s women, too, are diverse in both personality and style. My favourites are Skye/ Daisy and Jemma the science nerd.



What kinda fan-girl would I be if I forgot the classics?

Buffy The Vampire Slayer – TV Series

This show had multiple female characters, each with a unique and delectable style. I can’t go into every one of them (though, they were all incredible,) so I’m just going to take you through my two favourite stake wielders and the cutest witch to grace the silver screen since…. ever.

Buffy Summers

Played by Sarah Michelle Gellar, the vampire slayer we’ve all come to know and love was never shy to experiment with fashion. The shift dresses, sky-high boots, the retro shades and choker scarves: this super hero had one super stylist for sure.

My favourite thing about her though was the sweats, the work-out outfits, the hoodies when she went out to patrol. I mean, I am a Pyjama Person at the end of the day, right? So was Buffy!




If Buffy was a bad ass, Faith — the other slayer — was a bad, bad girl. Leather jackets, sexy leather pants, smoky eyes, quick on the draw: there was nothing I didn’t love about this girl.


Let’s be honest: Willow was where geek-chic began and ended for all of us 90s kids. From the cutesy preppy willow to all-powerful witch Willow, her fashion transformation was both epic and inspiring: the ultimate nod to the fact that people evolve, and their style changes with them.

And last but not the least,

Charisma Carpenter in Angel

In comparison to Whedon’s other shows, Angel didn’t have too many female characters. Still, personally, I think this was the writer/director’s most underrated work. I love Cordelia Chase as played by Charisma Carpenter. There may be few women in this television show, but the one who was there packed a helluva fashion punch. 😉

Are you, like me, a fantasy/ sci-fi show nerd? Who are your favourite Whedon characters? What do you love about their style? Tweet to @pyjama_people and tell us your favourite bad ass women.

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