Lookbooks We Love: The Beloved Wanderer by Mogachea, Spring/Summer 2016

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Tania Fadte has taken the long play-hard-but-work-harder road to get to where she is now. She has been a stylist since 2005 after moving to Bombay from Goa. Her debut collection Mogachea is a nod to that journey; every minute thread is laced together in designs that are, quite evidently, labours of love.

With personalised block and digital prints — each created by Tania — Mogachea pieces are things of unique beauties made with hand-dyed organic cotton.


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Every design has a story behind it. The flowers on these pants were handmade by a teacher from Tania’s village Moira.


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It is evident from her first collection that Tania has a strong vision of what her work will convey. While it is easy-to-wear clothing in willowy silhouettes, the minute details make all the difference. This is a happy marriage between your inner child and adult control-freak. Is there a girl out there who cannot relate to that?


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Mogachea means wanderer in Konkani, but the women that Tania designs for are much more complex. They may be vagabonds but remain grounded by their strong sense of self. Individuality is what they carry in their hearts, and it serves as a portable but permanent home. They are adventurous, yet their heads are screwed square on their shoulders. They love the little things but want to see the world at birds’ eye view.


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Tania has spared neither hard-work nor heart. Moreover, the clothes are the proof in that pudding. The lookbook reminds us what every nomad holds dear in their hearts: Not all who wander are lost.


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Photography: Sheetal Mallar, one of India’s leading contemporary photographers. You can see Sheetal’s work everywhere, but her site is a good place to start.

Models: Sabah Azad and Tara Dsouza

Styling: Tania Fadte

Shot in Goa.

You can stay updated on Mogachea through the brand’s Facebook and Instagram, and its creator’s Instagram too! The brand also sells out of Goa’s famous Sachas store in Panjim. You can also get in touch with the Mogachea team via email mogachea@gmail.com to place an order. 


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