Antzdoodles for Pyjama People #15: Little victories


Have you ever wondered why so many people run the marathon or swim across the English Channel? And then there are some who attempt to summit the Everest at the risk of losing their lives or at the least a digit or two. I mean, you are leading an entirely comfortable existence so why willingly take on such hardships? It’s a game we play with ourselves – a game of challenge and accomplishment.

RA takes this game to the next level. It makes the mundane challenging. Things that I did without a thought like climbing a staircase; spraying perfume, squeezing the shampoo bottle or running after my dog, now seem impossible on certain days. Twisting open bottle caps is my marathon and opening doors my Everest.


It may sound extreme, but then I’m sure you haven’t found yourself unable to get out of the loo because you suddenly could not turn the door knob.




On the brighter side, imagine feeling that accomplishment with every door knob that you can open. Victory dance!!! 🙂

Antima Nahar
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Antima Nahar is a graphic designer and illustrator who works under the name AntzDoodles. She ran a boutique design studio Antsatwork till she had to go on sabbatical after being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. While focusing on her health is paramount to Antz, creating art is who she is. Follow her illustrated adventures on her weekly #AntzDoodlesForPyjamaPeople posts and on her instagram @antzdoodles

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  • Rekha Rajan

    Antima, I salute you!! You’ve made me laugh with you! While understanding & feeling exactly the same frustration, desperation, I feel panicky at the inability to do everyday common things….like putting on socks – shoes are worse!