#StyledBySohaya: This is the way we IFFA, with Neha Dhupia


Styling Neha Dhupia is always a chaotic messy pleasure.

Yes, the room looks like a bomb of tulle has exploded in it.

Yes, we are constantly loosing our phones in the gigantic piles of clothes. Yes, when I say pile I mean mountain.

Help me, it’s an avalanche!


 Funtastic fittings.

Styling for an international event has an added pressure to it, because, well, more eyes will be on it. But, you’d never know that from our fittings. I love to experiment with Neha and she is more then happy to play along. My friend Gary was there to help as well. He’s a hoot and a half. Always making us laugh out loud!

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 8.36.31 PM

Me giving gyan, Neha listening

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 8.40.03 PM

We always start with one strong piece and then build looks around it. It’s good to have a few options for each outfit. One never knows what’ll happen — it’s Madrid, right?

“I don’t need another pair of shoes,” said no woman everrrrr.


Neha is wearing a white shirt dress from my design company CHOLA’s SS2016 collection.

Still need a travel outfit. Hmmmm…

A perfectly comfortable H&M trench with a Marks and Spencer linen shirt and cropped pants. Ofcourse we love those severe shoes that are Neha’s prized possession.



If the hat fits, then you wear it, I say

Sometimes we just pull things out of Neha’s closet and find gems like this checked trench I fell in love it.

This is all her personal stuff.. Well done on the shopping, Dups..



I call this one Table for 3: You, me and my bag.


Neha is wearing a Suhani Pitti cuff

This year, we are going high street on the red  carpet. This is what I love about Neha: for her, she’s not about the brand, she’s about the killer look.

Thought bubble.. how many more to go???

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 8.37.11 PM

Neha is wearing a shirt from H&M

Yes, we also covet mens suits.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 8.36.48 PM

No sexier ass will ever party in this H&M suit.


Styling is super fun, but super hectic. After a while, our minds do go into zombi-mode. Still, we trudge on with a smile on our faces.


Neha is wearing a jumpsuit by Marks and Spencers. The cape is by Payal Khandwala

Sometimes, there’s just so many options, you’re like, yes? no? maybe? what do you think?

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 8.37.34 PM

Neha is wearing a dress by Gaurav Gupta. I’ve layered it with a cape by P.E.L.L.A

Hours into the styling session:

We were going for a Buddhist monk look. Think we nailed it, don’t you?

We feel the zen.


The best part about styling sessions is that Voila! Moment.  When we put this on, it was like, a hell yeah !


Neha is wearing a dress by Payal Khandwala and necklace by Amrapali

There’s also baffling questions to answer during those hours: to trench or not to trench?


Neha’s entire outfit can be shopped at H&M

Then, you officially lose count of how many outfits you’ve set aside and styled. Mountain, remember?


Neha is wearing a CHOLA dress and straight jacket.

She’s professional and patient, but even Dhups has a limit. Eight hours in, she’s like  Are we done already????

And I think? “Oh, you have no idea.”


Neha is wearing a pant suit by Lecoanet Hemant


There is always time for a little cinder#%^@rella number!


Neha’s gown is by Shantanu and Nikhil

Ok, Styling session khatam. Now  her bags are packed and she’s ready to go.

But, first. As ridic as it sounds, there is something called an airport look. Obviously we nailed it. We always nailed it.

The drool worthy airport swag.


Neha’s dress is made by Love Birds, and her bag is an iconic Issey Miyake. This image is via Pinkvilla.

In Spain

Neha’s slaying the street style.


Neha’s shirt is by Rohit and Rahul and the skirt is H&M

I call this look: I’m comfy and I’ll show it.



Up and down n round n round with @thakkerrishi #iifa2016 #iifamadrid 😂😂😂😂 #bornwithasilverstreak

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Like a Boss

Walking the walk in that killer Loconet Hemant outfit. The suit does all the talking, but that Issey bag has a thing or two to say as well!




Happy Birthday Venus!!

We HAD to stop everything because it was our favourite pyjama make up artist Venus Ferreria’s birthday.  Had.to.be.done. Was.so.much.fun!


Venus, we love your face shit!!



Now for the MAIN EVENT:



A classic black suit by H&M

Venus works her magic and gives it an ultra sexy feminine vibe that’s to die for. And loads of Swarovski crystals never hurt.








but first, a quick chat in this killer Marks and Spencer white jumpsuit and a Payal Khandwalla super IFFA  cape




image from bollywoodandfashion


Yes, we do spin a great spin. In this white tux shirt from H&M’s men’s collection, a skirt by John Paul Ataker and a Suhani Pitti cuff by her side, why wouldn’t she indulge in some sporty antics? That’s so  Neha!!




And did we make it to all the best dressed lists?

Hell yeah!!

Peeps at Pinkvilla loved the bold vibe

Bold and beautiful say our friends at mobmerry

The effortless standout they say

To expect the unexpected.

Vogue, has the last word.


And finally, the best place to be sexy: in BED!




And at the end-end of it all?

That arrival into India airport look.

We dress up, but we’re relaxed! So, obviously, her Chola shirt is the way to go.

The no-brainer


I really enjoy styling Dhups. A) she’s a risk taker, and b) she looks good in everything! But, mostly c) because she likes her personality to be reflected in her clothes. I leave you with these wise words from a woman who worked her ASS OFF to get to the top of her game… and she remains there still.

A woman is closest to being naked when she is well dressed.
– Coco Chanel

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Creative Director, Pyjama People

She got her start working on Manisha Koirala’s costumes for the 1999 movie Mann and hasn’t looked back since! A veteran of the business, Cho’s styled films like Calcutta Express, to numerous national and international advertisements. She’s also a personal stylist to stars like Neha Dhupia and has two clothing brands — Bachcha Party for kids, and Chola(!!) After her debut collection The Pyjama Tribe Sohaya was named the Grazia's Young Designer of the year 2016.

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