Antzdoodles for Pyjama People #16: Looking inside out

Introspect 01_Zoom_PP

Focus. Be centred; Be at the moment.

Anyone who has tried meditation ever will know what I’m saying. Much as I would like to claim that I have learned to live in the moment, there are days where my mind just wanders.

Try as I might, my bird brain flies around all over the place, picking up strange energies and emotions and taking me down paths that I know I mustn’t tread.

On such days, I shut my eyes tight and try hard. But if even that does not work, I turn to my drawing.


All thoughts collected and neatly put on this page.

Antima Nahar
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Antima Nahar is a graphic designer and illustrator who works under the name AntzDoodles. She ran a boutique design studio Antsatwork till she had to go on sabbatical after being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. While focusing on her health is paramount to Antz, creating art is who she is. Follow her illustrated adventures on her weekly #AntzDoodlesForPyjamaPeople posts and on her instagram @antzdoodles