#WearWhatYouWantWednesdays: Pyjama People x DRVV: Gender Fluidity


For those of you who have not seen our last such series, Wear What you Want Wednesdays is our way of giving a sartorial finger to anyone who thinks they can tell anyone else what they should or should not be wearing.

There are no before and after shots this time. Today’s Wear What You Want Wednesday is not about making our models comfortable with who they are. They already are. It’s about the world getting over itself and realising it has no say in who our models chose to be.

People who refuse to submit to gender norms imposed on them at birth have full Pyjama respect. This one’s for all of you!

Druv Kapur

Druv is an haute couture designer who loves to wear the dresses he makes. Who would’t? His style house DRVV makes gorgeous clothes. He doesn’t subscribe to the idea of a fixed gender, which is something scientists are just discovering. Gender is not binary; it’s a spectrum. Yay Druv, you beat the brainiacs on this one!




Shubam Bose Roy

Shubam is an active member of the queer community and professor at Pearl Academy of Design. It has to be said that he has better legs than most people who identify as women. It also has to be said that his were the only hairless legs in a shoot that had three women working on it.




Arunima Rajkumar

Arunima is a photographer who has spent most of her life in boarding school or living abroad. She’s never felt out of place till she came back to India. She never faced any issues with the fact that she’s queer till she met Delhi. Think about that.




Drubo Jyoti

Drubo is a writer and editor at Hindustan Times. He’s androgynous and identifies as gender fluid. Drubo and Avantika work together and she adores him. This means he’s gotta be a stellar person, because someone who calls themselves @bitingfriends likes him. Plus, how cute does he look in this DRVV dress?




We wear what we want!



If you think about it, a person aged 0-years isn’t even allowed to drink or vote. So, there is no logical reason to insist that an individual, who couldn’t even have ordered a beer while pondering such a personal decision, should adhere to an identity that’s thrust upon them for society’s convenience. People are not condiments, we don’t need to be labeled.

If pictures speak a 1000 words, then this series is screaming

on repeat

In case anyone is still confused, and unable to mind their own business (we know you Pyjama Peeps are chill, but for the others) listen to three of our fabulous models:


Pyjama Partner:
Haute Couture Clothing by DRVV


I mean, what more can we say about DRVV than we have already? Oh yea, he’s a doll to work with. It did not feel like work actually, so he’s just a doll. *KISS*

Jewellery by Kichu
KICHU2 copy

The ab-fab necklaces and earring used in this shoot were provided by Kichu Dandiya. Stay updated on her designs, which make a strong statement in a minimalist fashion, at K_Chapters on Insta. You can buy these and other beautiful pieces at Ikka Dukka.

#PyjamaRecommends Drubo’s neckpiece.



pataaka logo

You already know ’em, don’t you? Where’ve you been? They’re only the cutest accessories makers in Dilli town. Shop them at Jabong, Amazon, or just shop Arunima’s bow tie from their cracker site.



Where else? Bespoke shoes at affordable prices (they will kill us for telling you this, but we are telling you that because this is some queen-like footwear at working woman type prices!!) We love them, because they only make flats. Their site has designs you can choose from. Also stay connected with their Facebook page, and you’ll see a regular stream of customised goodness on your timeline.

#PyjamaLoves Shubham’s shoes


Pyjama Models:

Druv Kapur, Arunima Rajkumar, Shubham Bose Roy, and Drubo Jyoti


Pyjama Photographer:

bedi pyjama person shot

Karishma Bedi is a Delhi-based photographer, full-on gunda, and a member of the Sisterhood of travelling pyjamas. You can follow her work on Instagram and Facebook.


Video editing:

This was Avantika’s first time editing Pyjama videos, so she’d love it if you told us in comments how she did, critique on her work is also welcome. She is becoming a bit of a Snapchat addict, if you wanna see more of her inanity. Predictably, she’s @bitingfriends there as well.


Pyjama Team:


Styled by Sohaya Misra (On the spot team: Avantika Mehta and Karishma Bedi) 

Concept copyright, and writing by  Avantika Mehta



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