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About an artist

I’m an artist

This one was the first of the series. Fifty percent of the reason I like to paint is the romance of it all, but sometimes I feel like I get caught up in that. Sometimes I get crappy Samara wine and call it my studio. So this is a humorous take on that, how much time I take to ‘set-up’ and do the melancholic artist act.




An ode to self-loathing. Every second day I find a new painting I wish I’d made, or see one of those work-in-progress videos and be ridiculously envious of the skill. But it’s healthy I feel, it keeps me working.




This is a true story, and I’ve used it to exemplify my general behaviour. I get FOMO if people are talking about something very interesting and they seem to be changed by this information. That’s what happened with Foucault, as well as generally with everything else like Game of Thrones and Justin Bieber’s new song. I update myself and start talking about it.




Procrastination is the disease of the decade. With 192874309823 convenient ways to get shit done and 20948837483959 distractions, human brains have become lazy AF. I know I’m severely afflicted and am having a terribly hard time coping.



Pakhi Sen
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Pakhi Sen is a 22-year-old talent with a sharp wit and on-point art. A part of our team as the Pyjama Illustrator, she lives between Gurgaon and Goa, and is currently working on a graphic novel with her father Orijit Sen. She's assisted at Jaipur Lit Fest to Gallery SKE in Delhi. Her preferred art mediums are oil and acrylic paints, but she's recently started doing digital illustrations. Follow her work here or on her Instagram www.instagram.com/pakhi.sen

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  • ajmal

    super drawings and such a great text!