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I was excited about The Label Life when its adverts first started appearing all over my Facebook. Cute clothes, nice cuts and affordable prices: what was not to love? I bought a pair of blue striped cotton pants to try out my theory that this venture by three stylish-azz-hell Bollywood based women would be WOW.


The Label Life website is very easy to navigate. All three sections — clothes, home style, and accessories — have been divided clearly. I had no trouble finding the trousers I wanted to buy and in my size as well. I am a medium for LL, so that was not so surprising. In my experience, and from what friends have told me, petite and large are harder sizes to find.


The trousers were delivered within seven days. I love promptness in shopping websites — the closest thing to shopping on the spot is a good, quick delivery from an online outlet. So, full marks here.


I do like my Label Life pants. As you can see, I wear them to work every other day.




My trousers, like many of the LL clothes, are basic and clean in their design. They can be paired with a million different colours and cuts to create various looks. Not sure about you guys, but Chola and I live out of our fresh- from-laundry piles, so clothes that go with a lot of things are a blessing.


Not a prissy person, I’ve run around in my LL trousers— from police stations to being camped outside politicians homes. They’ve lasted it all. That, in itself, is a huge bonus. Most of the clothes I’ve bought at LL prices tend to fall apart at the seams after three washes. Not these trousers — they look like fashion and last like style. 😉


The only thing I noticed about the pants, and it may not be worth mentioning, is that the material is not that soft. It is, in fact, slightly coarse and starchy. But, I do think this helps my trousers stay shaped and proper even through my rigorous work-life.



The Label Life makes quality clothes at low prices that are perfect for work-wear.


Note: Pyjama People review anonymously and pay for our clothes. 
Avantika Mehta
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