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Rakhi is all about sibling bonding, men protecting their families, and…. ok, ok, now that the men have stopped listening let’s get down to business.

Rakhi is about

And, the internet is replete with deals and deliciousness that your loving brother (or sister) should be showering on you. We’ve found something for every pyjama person personality, just for you 😉

The Fashionista

Get yourself a Nor Black Nor White dress STAT. You may think this brand has already blown up, but you’re about to visit a rocket ship rise in its visibility soon enough, girls. Trust.


Available to buy on the Nor Black Nor White website. Price starts at $ 140


The Reader

Susan Sontag’s classic novel is just what the Pyjamas ordered.

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 12.54.47 pm

Available on Ikka Dukka. Price: Rs 599


The Artist

If you’re the artist in the family, you know the importance of a good sketch book. So does Origin One.

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 1.00.10 pm

Available on the Origin.One website. One time costs for a small box is Rs 1000 and Rs 2000 for the big box. Six month subscriptions start at Rs 5950, you can ask to be billed monthly.


The Goth

Remind your siblings: some times you just wanna choker! 😉

This funky neck piece is available at Dolls Kill. Price $28


The Punk Rocker

These shoes were made for moshing!

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 1.18.13 pm

Available at Dolls Kill, they ship within 24 hours! Price $ 90


The Hip-Hop Chick

Nothing says gangsta like a soft jersey, and this one from homegrown brand Ain’t That Dank has our vote.


Available at the Ain’t That Dank site. Price: Rs 1099.

PS- you can score your own free varsity shirt by participating in our giveaway.


The Sweety Pie

Those candy coloured hues are just right this season, and this pink shirt dress is just how we like it: versatile. Get a jump on your pastel dresses now. (Or, get your sibling to get a jump on it = free is best!)


Available at Pot Plant Clothing. Price: Rs 3520


The Cellphone Child

Phone covers that are the just the right amount of cute.


Available at Modcloth. Price $ 19.99


The ‘I have nothing to wear’ Girl

This white CHOLA dress works every time.


Available at Ensemble, Delhi; Atosa, Mumbai and more. Check @chola_the_label to stay updated on new distributors and designs. You can also email Sohaya at cholabysohaya@gmail.com to place orders. Price on request.


The Homebody

Sometimes you just need a warm blanket and a perfect cup of cocoa. Get both!



Blanket at Home Label, priced at Rs 2690. Cocoa set from Rediff, priced at Rs 1246


The Bollywood Babe

Yeah, you could ask for the sweat of Ranveer Singh’s hoodie, but these limited edition prints of iconic Bollywood women by Shweta Malhotra probably smell better (by which we mean not at all.) No offence Ranveer, we love you. Rekha, we love you more.


Available at Art&Found; Prices start at Rs 1880


The Multi-Tasker

Everyone needs a good organiser. This folio is designed to hold everything you may need.

Available at Rubberband Products. Price Rs 1025


The Shoe Addict

Jaw dropping gorgeousness. That is all.


Available on The Outnet. Price Rs 9983


The Dreamer

Can’t dream without a soft pair of pyjamas, amirite?


Available at The Label Life. Priced at 2240


The Traveller

Everyone needs  a good travel tote, and this pretty Cord creation will inject some colour into your travel time.


Available at the Cord website. Price Rs 3400. Plus, Cord is having an offer for Rakhi: discounts plus personalised presents. Check it on their website.


The Interior Princess

Who doesn’t love a hipster Edison bulb done right? No one, that’s who.


Available at The Label Life. Price Rs 6590


The I Love My Bed Girl

Nothing like the waft of a nicely scented candle to make that lazy experience better than it is already.


Available at Wabi Sabi candle Ikka Dukka online. Price Rs 750


The Expecting/ New Mom

No, you don’t want another copy of What to Expect when you’re Expecting. We know. Here’s a funny reminder of how important you are, though.


Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 1.22.15 pm

Available at Ikka Dukka online. Price: Rs 3900


The Thrill Seeker

What’s better than a fun day out or in. Maybe get a package for two from this The Great Indian Adventure, a specialist company that prepares the best getaways you and your sibling to enjoy together.


Available at The Great Indian Adventure Company . Prices on request.


The Technology Buff

Love your gadgets? Us too! This power charger works on all things Mac and is super cute to boot.

Available at Modcloth. Price $ 14.99


The Movie Buff

A subscription to Netflix is all you need, it’s all anyone needs, really. The first month is free anyway, so if you don’t enjoy it, you can ask for a re-do on the gift. 😉



Available on the Netflix website. Premium subscription priced at Rs 800


The Fitness Freak

These Adidas X Stella Macartney sneaks are the best thing since, Stans. Investment buy, yes they are.



Available on The Outnet. Priced at Rs 10500

So, like we said: something for every one. Now subtly let your sibling know what you want by sharing this post on your Twitter, Instagram, Roposo or Facebook or tagging them in the comments below. 😉


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