#GuestPost: The long and short of it

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I love my teeny tiny bought from Mango shorts.

When I wear them, my male friends ask me whom I’m trying to entice? And my husband thinks they are skanky. But I don’t get it: how can denim be promiscuous?

As someone I know to be very sensible (shout out to my friend Dolly) once said: “They are shorts, and shorts are meant to be … well … short.” I agree. What’s the point of shorts if they don’t show endless amounts of legs. If I wanted to cover my legs, I would wear pants or tights. I am a loyalist of the little denim. And it’s not because I want attention.

I wear them because they transport me instantly to sunny beaches (a bit like Dorothy and her sparkly red shoes,) and smell of sand and oceans crashing lazily along wet shores. They’re the cheapest holiday I’ve ever bought; they’re my easiest means of escape. They take me away from the muck and grime of city life. Speaking about the grime of city life, my teeny-tiny shorts are also my savior in Bombay’s muddy monsoons when it’s easier to wash my legs than my jeans after getting splashed.

But, most people don’t know this. They say clothes maketh the man, but more often than not it’s women on the receiving end of those disapproving looks. To those people, I say: make a snap decision about a person based on what they’re wearing and you’re likely to have taken the wrong one. You shouldn’t even judge a book by its cover.

Our feminist foremothers have been fighting for the right to express themselves, and clothes are an extension of self for me, for all of them perhaps. People need to have the freedom to dress how we want without being judged and having someone stare at us.


Want some popcorn with that sleaze, do ya?

The (mostly male) opposition often argue that in an unsafe country like India , it’s prudent to refrain from wearing clothes like my tiny shorts, or my stringy bikini for that matter. Women should be careful and be decently clothed as they walk around on the streets, they’d say.

Real poster

Real poster. Gotta commend the Gangavati police on the shrewd and lovely use of scarce monetary and paper resources. Not.  

To these Do and Do Not wear aunties that no one appointed, I say: My shorts are safe, the thoughts you impose onto them are dangerous.

Can we honestly call ourselves a progressive, liberal and democratic society if a woman in particular kind of clothing is not safe? Keeping women in purdah, burqas (or any other equivalent) has yet to work as a protective measure or ensure anyone’s safety. It teaches shame. And, you know what, I look sexy in my shorts, and I am not ashamed AT ALL.

Being a coward and covering up is not a solution. Neither is this a battle cry declaring war on long pants. There’s nothing to fight here, because, let me tell you frankly: change the mindset, because I’m not changing my clothes.

That’s the long and short of it.

jesus jeans hot pants

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Karishma Sahi
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Karishma Sahi is a Mumbai-based producer with a penchant for wordplay and a passion for tiny denim anything! She owns a production company Sky High Films and has been working on advertisements and movies since she was in college. Follow her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kawishma/ and Sky High Films on their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/skyhighfilmsindia/?fref=ts