#PyjamaReviews: The Burlap People


I discovered the Burlap People a few months ago on Instagram and the use of burlap for their designs caught my eye. I’d previously associated burlap with gunny sacks and love the idea of transforming this rugged and utilitarian fabric into aesthetically striking designs.

Come time to invest in a daily use handbag; I knew I was going to give The Burlap People a whirl. They can only be reached via the contact information on their Insta page.

The Options

My friend Rochna was going to be buying the bag for me as a birthday gift and was also in the market for a new bag herself. Here are the options we considered:

The tote bag


The Burlap Sidekick


The Boyfriend Bag


The Buy

We both decided on this bag and ordered one each: in a midnight blue for me and the tan for her.

The bags arrived within a week, each individually packed in a beautiful cotton cloth bag (I’ve been using this as a gym bag.)


My take

I fell in love with my bag and the feeling continues to grow as I use it every day J The midnight blue colour is perfection and the size is just what I needed – I’m a carry anything, and everything one may need during the day kind of girl! The leather handles are well made, and I like the contrast between the burlap, leather and uncomplicated hardware used for the zippers and buckles.

One con after a month of daily use is that I’ve started seeing a little unraveling of the stitching on a couple of sections of the leather handles. I’m planning on writing to the folks at the Burlap People to see if they can help.

Rochna’s take: She loved the fabric, the construct, and the size. She did struggle with the unstructured nature of the bag and can’t see herself using it as a work bag – because of the fabric; it can be slouchy depending on what you have in it. She’s likely to use it as an overnight travel bag as it’s roomy enough to carry everything she needs and the easy going look works better for her in that context.

Currently on my lust list – the Burlap ‘WorkfromWherever’ Laptop sleeve. I love the design and the interiors built to accommodate bits and bobs.

And, last but not least, I can’t resist sharing this super sweet note from one of my email exchanges with the Burlap People Team:

“All our bags are handcrafted, and nothing is mass produced! Copious amounts of love goes into making each bag, and a lotta good juju :)‘’ How do you not fall in love with that?


Note: Pyjama People review anonymously and pay for our clothes and accessories. Or in this case, get our friends to pay for them because I’m on a shopping diet, remember? 😉  
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