Unwind from Fashion Week with a few of my favourite TV shows


After a week-long fest of everything that is gorgeous and “simply amazing,  darlings,” I feel a four cheese pizza and my four television shows kinda Sunday coming on. Coincidentally (I swear) all of the TV I’m about to recommend is about women.

Nothing like today to spend in bed while escaping into the very different worlds in which these (some) fictional female characters and (some) real people portrayed on these four TV shows live.


Women with Gloria Steinem

It’s already been called The Show To Watch by Vogue and countless other magazines, and I concur. It wasn’t till a month or so ago that I found this series of documentaries in a desperate hunt to stream SOMETHING. 🙂 I’d say the hunt paid off good.

So far, I’ve watch the first episode on FARC, the episode on Taliban with Pakistani journalist and documentary producer Maheen Sadiq and The Zambian child brides episode with the infamously angry Egyptian citizen journalist Gigi Ibrahim. It’s my understanding that there is also an episode about the killings of indigenous Canadian women that is hosted by Indian singer Monica Dogra. The show was nominated for Best Documentary Series 68th Emmy Award.


Another Period

Before there was Keeping Up with the Kardashians or even The Simple Life with Paris Hilton, there were The Bellacourts! Or at least that’s the premise of Comedy Central’s historical satire show Another Period. Starring Ricki LindhomeNatasha LeggeroArmen Weitzman, and Jason Ritter, the show documents in gross detail the obscene and desperate lives of a wealthy family. It also shows the very real hardships of servants sometime during the turn of the century. All this to a hip-hop sound track. The satire is to die-for, and it may even remind you of Delhi a little bit.

Boy Meets Girl

A very British comedy with an interesting twist. Lonely Boy meets Older Woman. They fall in love; boy finds out woman is transexual. Comedy ensues, but for once: it’s not at the expense of the transperson. This show handles what is, let’s face it, a complicated situation in a simple, common-sense, stiff upper lipped manner that only BBC can. I love it.

It’s two seasons down now, and I don’t want to give you any hints to the hilarity that you’ll witness. In true #sexpositive, #genderpositive and #representationisimportant style, the show’s creator and star is Rebecca Root, who has always been open about her transsexuality. Her interview in the Guardian is one of my favourite pieces to read.




A show written and directed by a former production assistant on The Bachelor, UnReal has already gotten tons of good press for being edgy, witty, super smart, and – ironically – real. To me, this show is like catnip; I cannot get enough.

The characters are complex — one episode they scare the shit out of me the next I find myself rooting for the worst possible kind of people. So, I guess, it is a very real show in that sense. Also, shout out to the girl power display through out the series. Especially so in season two. Dangerous, sociopathic girl power — but, I love it still.

Side note: Quinn, you… alls I gotta say is:

I love you, girl.



The Ladies Room

This homegrown web series about two girls living in Bombay is super relatable, and super familiar. It’s Indian Broad City: we loves it. Starring Saba Azad, Shreya Dhanwanthary, Gopal Dutt, Pawan Utam, Jagdish Rajpurohit, this web series is directed by Ashima Chibber and co-written by Ratnabali Bhattacharjee, Neha Kaul Mehra. It’s a laugh riot.


Screen day sorted, yes?

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