#PyjamaPicks: Three designers we shopped at LFW, Mumbai

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People come to watch the fashion shows, the Pyjamas end up shopping them! Chola, Divya and Avantika have different styles, because, well, inclusive is our middle name. You didn’t know? We’re Pyjama Inclusive People.

Here are the pieces we found in the Lakme Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2016 stalls whose respective creatives each of us have placed an order with already.



I’m about to attend a wedding in Spain and am hunting for the perfect destination wedding  dress. The bride’s one of my best friend and she’d kill me if I wasn’t looking my best. This is perfect for a church wedding.

Urvashi Kaur white maxi dress
Price Rs 15,000




I’m always hunting for something that looks like office-acceptable lounge-wear. This kurta is perfect. Belted, perhaps with suspenders, it’d make a cute dress too.

Doodlage mixed print kurta in blue
Price: Rs 4,500




I like feminine clothes that have a Boss-like edge to them. This dress could double as a light jacket. It is perfect for date night and a client meeting — definitely checks all my boxes.

VineetRahul Grid print maxi dress / jacket
Price on request



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Our philosophy is simple: Be brave, and dare to be different — don’t give a f*ck what anyone else thinks! Style is about having fun and being comfortable in your own skin.

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