Happy Teachers’ Day, RA

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The 5th of September was Teachers’ Day in India. This is considered Teachers’ Week. Typically, when I would think of instructors, I would only think of school. And this I think is the case with most people. Even the Google homepage doodle this year was books and pencils.

This time though, my thoughts were a bit different. Instead of my first teachers, my thoughts were on my biggest teacher: RA!

RA 17_PP.JPG.sb-477ec52b-R4SES9

As I continue to live with RA, I have come to accept its role in my life as that of a teacher. I am slowly able to appreciate the valuable lessons that come with the pain.

It might not be my favourite teacher but then even in school it’s not that you learnt well only from teachers you loved. So happy teachers day dear RA. You do know that like all good teachers you will have to let me go someday no! 😉

Antima Nahar
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Antima Nahar is a graphic designer and illustrator who works under the name AntzDoodles. She ran a boutique design studio Antsatwork till she had to go on sabbatical after being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. While focusing on her health is paramount to Antz, creating art is who she is. Follow her illustrated adventures on her weekly #AntzDoodlesForPyjamaPeople posts and on her instagram @antzdoodles