#TrueStory: Overheard in Lakme Fashion Week

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The fashion world is beautiful, bold, and surreal. And the Pyjamas are shameless eavesdroppers. In between (and some times inside) the gorgeous runway shows, we overheard some conversations that just had to immortalised in illustrations.

The Connoisseurs Conversation

Buyers from large stores, extremely rich aunties, and other older designers are the funnest people to listen to. They don’t really care who’s eavesdropping any way. (They don’t need to, dah-lings.)


The Pyjama Team Gluttony

Yes, we shopped like mo-fos as LFW. But, we also ate. By the Meekong, the Chinese restaurant at St. Regis is amazing, people. Expensive and amazing. But they have the smallest dessert in the world. On the plus side, they gave us a HUGE helping of lemongrass creme brûlée to make up for their itsy-bitsy dim sum lunch dessert.


The Toilet Line Talks

Because the BEST conversations takes place while waiting for the loo! St. Regis, hope you’re listening.


The Hymn of the Vertically Challenged

Chief Sohaya, her five-inch heels, and her six-foot models!


That’s all, folks. More hilarity next time. We actually can’t wait to see what conversations we overhear at the Amazon Fashion Week in Delhi. Coming soon 😉

Note: Conceptualised by Avantika Mehta; Overheard by the Pyjama Team, actualised by the very talented Pakhi Sen
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