#LookBooksWeLove Fall/Winter 2016: The Red Door by Chola the Label


The Red Door



In Feng Shui, a red door symbolizes the Mouth Of Chi, a place from where energy enters a home. In Chinese homes, all front doors are painted this colour to welcome good vibes to the residents. The effect that CHOLA’s Fall 2016 collection will have on its wearers is similar. Each piece of clothing is a sheath against the chaotic world; the garments are threaded together with peaceful vibes.

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With her first collection Pyjama Tribe, Chola carved out a niche for herself. She was among the first Indian designers to really pick up and execute the anti-fit movement to perfection. Her latest offering has the same rebellious spirit, but expands itself using passionate hues of reds, maroons, yellows. It’s about subtle luxury a.k.a style!

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CHOLA was called one of the most self-assured debuts of last season, but this winter the styles have an extra magic that comes not from confidence but from the practical knowledge that comes from practice and discipline. There’s a maturity to this collection, like the designer’s inner child is finally learning her grown up counterpart’s life experiences.

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Siddharth Lalchandani: check out his profile and other work on our Pantaloonies page.

Make Up 

Tenzin Kyizom from Inega Models


Gary Wallang and Chief Chola aka Sohaya Misra


Carol Humtose from Inega Models


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