Sometimes, you just wanna choker!


NGL, for some of us in the Pyjama team, a choker just says SEX. I am not one of them. The velveteen neck bandages are not my favourite trend of this year. It’s one I’ve been quick to snark at:

‘Bitten by a vampire, were you? Trying out as for the victim’s role in the next Saw movie?

You get my gist: basically, I was not on this trend fence. But, if these babies caught my fancy, and the Pyjamas are willing to bet their dog collars, you would like them as well.


Olio Stories Ninety Chain 


Aastha Jagwani Gold Plated Minret Choker 



Rock N Rose Patterned Choker


ERISTONA Choker Neckpiece


Pipa & Bella Collar Choker



MADE Bar & Satin Choker



PRERTO Helena Choker



So, are you ready to choker?

Divya Gupta
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Divya is Pyjama People's Marketing and Business Director/ Resident Baniya.

She is a biz-whiz who was running her own risk assessment company before she turned 30! She's currently a partner at SecureNow Insurance Brokers.

Divya likes quirky accessories, learning about everything under the sun, long billowing dresses, and funky music. You’ll find Divya buried under a pile of books, working her butt, or and bopping to live music, especially that of her husband Karan Khosla’s band NuDeli Rhythm Section, at all the best venues in Delhi. And, you’ll find her on Pyjama People.

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