#ShortHairDontHair: Five ways to style your short bob!


Sure, it’s great to have long hair and windblown tresses… till you meet an Indian summer. It’s mid-September, but with winter season being nowhere in sight, more and more women are cutting off their locks and opting for a bob or blunt cut to escape the heatwave. Now, some people may think that this means they can’t do much with it. My friends say that all the time, but even if you’ve adopted a short haircut, there’s still plenty of ways to creatively style it. Here’s five fun (and most importantly quick) styles for you to try!

The Half top knot bun

I love a half bun: it looks fancy and super chic, but it’s easy to do and very manageable. Go on, give it a try. 
How to do: Part your hair into two halves: take hair from the top and pin it up, while letting the lower half be. The method isn’t that different from a usual top knot: tie your hair with a scrunchy and twist it around till it forms a little bun on top of your head. Secure this with bobby pins.
Looks good with: denims and a long shirt, or your latest shift dress and sneakers.


Partially Braided Hair

Just because you’ve cut your hair short, don’t give up on the braids.
How to do:  Use your bangs to make a partial braid that wraps around your hair in a Grecian way. Divide the bangs into three sections, twirl them, and then make a braid in the usual fashion. You can keep this look chic by using bobby pins to secure the hair, or add a little panache with some fun hair accessories.
Looks good with: This look goes really well with ethnic and Indian wear.


The Pouf



This is my favourite style. It’s simple and chic, and EASY!
How to do: Section out your hair into two just like with the partial top knot. Take the top section and back brush it in order to tease it into a pouf. Don’t comb the rest of your hair, just gather it together and pin it in place.

Looks good with: crop top and skirts, and also with jumpsuits.


One-sided gathered hair

This style is the simplest of them all.
How to do: Brush your hair on to one side. Pick your favourite, I usually go with left because (I think) my left side is my good side. 😉 Secure the style by pinning your hair. You can jazz it up like Priyanka has with a braid as well.
Looks good with: This style looks amazeballs with Indian wear, and also for a casual Friday office look.


Pouf Ponytail

If Priyanka can do it, is my motto, as you can see! Ponytails have always been a busy woman’s saviours. And you don’t have to give up this old friend just because your hair is short.
How to do:  Divide your hair into two halves: upper and lower. Back brush your upper section and tie it into a ponytail. Leave the bottom half of the hair down. For very short hair, try only a half pouf ponytail.
Looks good with: Literally, everything.

Pooja Singh
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Pooja is a post graduate student in commerce from Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce, Pune. She writes about fashion, Bollywood, and lifestyle for Pyjama People. She also runs her own Instagram blog www.instagram.com/vogue_in_veins_n_bliss and is a college ambassador for Roposo. Check her out on www.roposo.com/@vogueinveinsnbliss