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Magical, fantastical, hardcore, exciting, surprising, awakening, a super killer thriller, and that’s just a taste of this funky town. I fell in love hard with this city and its music scene. Not only did the wall come down literally, but also figuratively and Berlin’s party scene has only become cooler. The clubs are located in abandoned buildings and old factories. The vibe is techno grunge.  On weekends, most clubs open on Friday and only close their doors on Monday afternoon.

F.Y.I: coffee, breakfast and  even dental kits are on site so you never have to leave.

Our favourite mad-hatters Mani Sharma and Tanya Kewalramani and ‘Shwin’s crew were our guiding lights down the rabbit hole into Berlin’s crazy party tunnels. Calm Chor is the Alter ego of Ashvin   who has been a part of the Indian underground music scene since 1995 recommends these 5 clubs in Berlin.

I suggest you take this recommendation seriously since he has been putting Berliners in a tizzy with his musical genius, playing in the best clubs there for the past 8 years.


Hauptstraße 15, 10317 Berlin, Germany


Birgit and Bier

Schleusenufer 3, 10997 Berlin, Germany


Club Der Visionaire

Am Flutgraben, 12435 Berlin, Germany




Köpenicker Str. 70, 10179 Berlin, Germany



Suicide Circus

Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin, Germany


Grainy Berlin nights: because all lighting looks good when you’re having the time of your life! I’m laughing so hard, I seem to have vibrated right out of the camera’s sphere of sight.

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Got my stamp of approval too.



Sunday stroll and a show!

The Sunday sun and the beat of the drum, baby. We jamming… at the Mauer Park Flea Market. Here they sell every thing from lemon squeezers to old furniture. Perfect for some hungover browsing.

Party in the park. #berlin #getaways #travelgram #sundayfleamarket

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The Berlin Wall

It has been nearly 25 since the fall of the Berlin Wall but visiting a Berlin Wall location is still number one on the list of things to do for most visitors when arriving in Berlin. So that’s just what we did. I gotta say, I love the graffiti.













And look, an outfit thrown into the mix. I practically live in this dress from the streets of Fort Galle  in Srilanka. Same goes for my trusty Goa Flea Market bag and  Steve Madden boots; they go with me everywhere.







Sunset in the park

Famous as the lifeline for West Berlin during the cold war, Tempelhof’s airfield had become the German capital’s biggest park. Personally walking in here was a little overwhelming since I don’t remember the last time i felt this sense of space. The expanse of sky just makes you breathe it all in, relax and soak in the universe.













We always find time to eat.

The best burger I have ever had is at Berlin Burger International. Period.



My first and most unforgettable Georgian meal hosted by the lovely Inga at her restaurant Schwiliko.



Roast chicken, ribs potatoes and the best bread filled with cheesy gooiness.



Though, some times, you just crave mom’s cooking. Lucky for me, my mommy taught me well. We had an impromptu dinner party with the crew. On the menu some chicken curry, some prawn curry, and massive amounts of love




It was a lovely week, though I’m definitely gonna be back. Berlin is like a tunnel, and I’m sure there’s tons of adventures to be had.

Now on to Spain, darlings. Watch this space for more madness!

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