#TrueStory: Overheard in Fashion Week: Amazon India Spring/Summer 2017


We do love eavesdropping during Fashion Weeks. Possibly, only a little lessĀ than we enjoy watching the beautiful clothes.

Here’s some off-runway honesty from those in the know, when they thought no was listening. šŸ˜‰ (We’re always listening, heads up.)

The Organisers



Shout out toĀ MSA-2 and our mother’s insistence than we wear bras!



This one’s for theĀ unsung interns


Can’t wait to hear the gems that are dropped next fashion week, guys. What about you?

Pakhi Sen
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Pakhi Sen is a 22-year-old talent with a sharp wit and on-point art. A part of our team as the Pyjama Illustrator, she lives between Gurgaon and Goa, and is currently working on a graphic novel with her father Orijit Sen. She's assisted at Jaipur Lit Fest to Gallery SKE in Delhi. Her preferred art mediums are oil and acrylic paints, but she's recently started doing digital illustrations. Follow her work here or on her Instagram www.instagram.com/pakhi.sen