Where can you buy Organic and Vegan Products in India?

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Sikkim was declared a 100% organic farming state in January this year, making it a benchmark for the world. Yet, the growth and availability of organic products — particularly those that are certified and credible — remains a challenge in India. It’s the irony we live with in today’s world.

In the same vein, vegan products should also have been readily available in vegetarian-majority India. But because vegan excludes dairy, white sugar and honey as well, options are pretty much limited.

India, in fact, is the highest producer of cows and buffalo milk, which results in it being part of most diets or food products.

As limited as they may be, there are a few options where you can get organic and vegan products online. Here are some options you can go through to get a better understanding of what they have to offer:

Sharan Group

Go Organic India


Conscious Food



Apart from these, you will find several vegan and organic products on platforms like Amazon, Towness, Giskaa, FabIndia , Godrej Nature’s Basket and iHerb.

And finally, you can check out this list of some popular consumer products that are vegan.

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