Howloween: Puss in Boots ain’t nothing on these decked up dogs!


Oh, I do love Halloween. (Mostly, I usually go as as ourselves: a bunch of lazy people in my PJs!) This year, my team at It’s a Dog’s Life decided to give our little babies a turn at playing dress up. And, did these puppies clean up well, or what?

A recent survey found that 71% of humans of with canine kids love cute costumes for their four-legged babies. Another 15% wanted funny attire for their pooches. Some people liked horror and clever costumes for their dogs —  12% and 2% respectively. We picked the top 5 cute and not scary looks from this year’s Howloween Bark Market to share with you, pet-loving Pyjama Peeps!


James Bark (is worse than his bite)

Show your dog some TuffLux with this tuxedo. Definitely for the snooty sniffer who nose the difference between his BarkBurrys and DogFitters.



Small in Size, Big in Swagger

Ideal for the Sir Barks Alot of the poochworld. Even if your dog is a little ruff around the edges, this necktie will definitely make your dog go from wags to riches in an instant! Why? Your dog is worth it.




Simba, is that you?

Instantly unleash the lion within your little one with the Mane Wig. This is definitely a mutt have look for your little monsters.




Snug as a Pug

The Houndstooth Bat Sweaters are a great Halloween chill-chaser for dogs. Ideal for the Bark Avenue Pooch who doesn’t need fancy costume’s to look great every puppin time!




No Calories; All Fun:  Meet Hot Dog

Wowzers for your Schnauzers! The Hot Diggity Dog Costume is definitely worth a million woofs!




Note: Images and costumes courtesy of the author. You can purchase them for your pooch or feline (who isn’t averse to playing dress up or can be tricked by you into doing so at Aanchal’s shop It’s a Dog’s Life
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