#PyjamaReviews: The Reverie Box

Simple Jute packaging and an organic cardboard box are perfect metaphors for Reverie box’s style and curation.


I received and tried:

Mia Rose petal scrub

I mixed the powder with my Ayca tea tree aloe gel. The result was a soft, sweet smelling massage that my face didn’t want to stop getting.

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Suddenly, I saw the appeal of long-ass Korean beauty routines, but only if they smell this good. My skin was softer from day one.


It’s already replaced my daily scrub.

PS- have been trying to grow out my brows. (Just kidding, we know I’m not such a planner. Forgot to get them done before taking this picture sounds more like me, right? )


Saint Pure Foot Scrub and Cream

I used this one night when I was feeling lazy and needed a pedicure or at the very least a foot massage.

For a quick makeshift pedicure setting, I heated some water, added lavender essence and gave my feet 5 minutes of soak time. After that, I applied the scrub, which spread evenly and, despite being smooth like honey, it had just enough of a punch to remove the hot mess of dead skin and hard soles that are my feet.

Same goes for the foot cream.


I’ve begun using it every day. It soaks into my skin effortlessly, absorbing almost instantly. But, in that has that 5-minute window I usually give myself for a nightly foot massage, its Thai Lemongrass scent wafting through the room is pretty relaxing. No kidding, I find my dog falling asleep next to my feet more often now than ever before.

I think my paws looked kinda pretty even!



Ayca Jasmin body wash
I love Ayca already, so there’s not much to say here. I used it once. Then, my mom stole it because “as we all know Jasmine is her signature scent. So clearly the bottle was karmically meant for her.” She adores it and says its perfume is the right amount of heady. Hopefully, next Reverie Box, I’ll get to use one too! I do use their Tea Tree body wash, and that is blissful guys.


Roots Magique Face Mask


I loved this mask. Again, I only got to use it for a short time — three times precisely. This time my riot of a dog jumped around my loo and broke the bottle. Note to self: must get whichever is prettier: a higher shelf or doggy door for my bathroom.

It left a slight yellow tinge behind because of the massive inclusion of turmeric. However, this is mask packs one hell of an organic punch. My skin was softer, looked fresher and was less oily with each passing usage. I can’t wait to try more of this.


These products definitely gets a 5 thumbs up.

You can purchase Reverie Box from their website. Prices start at INR 1,500 for a box and INR 4,497 for a three-month subscription.

Note: The Pyjamas buy our own products and review anonymously 
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