10 Must-Read Books about Violence Against Women

10 Must-Read Books about Violence Against Women

Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. We thought the best way to celebrate it would be to put together a list of books that inform and educate about the prevelance and repercussions of violence against women.

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The Courage to Heal – Third Edition – Revised and Expanded: A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse Paperback
By Ellen Bass and Laura Davis

The book’s a moving and necessary read for those who have experienced childhood sexual trauma and those who are living with or know a woman who has.

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Evil Men
By James Dawes

An interesting read that looks into the mind of rapists and alleged rapists, the book asks difficult questions about our society, the global rape culture, and the men who live within it and are influenced by it.

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A Kabuliwala’s Bengali Wife
By Sushmita Banerjee

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An autobiographical novel, this is an account of Kolkata based Banerjee’s experience married to an Afghani man and first-person accounts of her time in the country from 1988. The book explores women’s rights in Islamic countries, the horrors of the Taliban regime, but, in the nature of true optimism that women are so famous for, Bannerjee’s efforts to educate and empower Afghani women.

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Warrior Marks
By Alice Walker and Pratibha Parmar


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A book about female genital mutilation.

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Sisterhood is Global: The International Women’s Movement Anthology
By Robin Morgan (Editor)

Hailed as a historic publication since it was first put out into the world, this compilation of essays by a feminist is a must read.

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Women at Point Zero
By Nawal El-Saadawi

Published in Arabic in 1975, the translations of this book are more recent than they should be. Translated by Sherif Hetata, the novel is an epic tale of rebellion, strength and feminism.

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Why Loiter
By Shilpa Phadke, Sameera Khan, and Shilpa Ranade

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source: Designwala

The book maps out places where women are “allowed” and those that are considered “inappropriate.” It argues that a woman’s access to public places is directly related to her position and safety in society. An excellent read.

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The Past as Present
By Romila Thapar

A book that looks back into history to forge an identity for women in modern India.

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My Story
By Kamala Das

India’s most prominent female poet pens down her life in a moving, inspirational, and in true KD-style controversial autobiography.

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Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions
By Gloria Steinem

An oldie but a goldie. Published in 1983 (making it younger than me, actually), this is one of my favourite books by Steinem. It was, in fact, what I showed my mom every time she chastised me for sitting without crossing my legs and also what I used as a reason for why I coloured my hair (all of it, curtains and carpet) purple at 16.

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