#FiveUnder5000: Bodacious Boots at Unbelievable Prices


IIt is indeed a TASK to find a nice pair of boots under Rs 5000, but I’m on it like, well, me on boot shopping. But, it’s for you guys…. I swear 😉

I scoured, and these are the beauties that’ll your feet snug as a bug this winter without putting a freeze on your bank account.

These black beauties from Zara are a perfect goes-with-everything wardrobe essential. 


Damage to Wallet: at Rs4990

Where to buy: Zara


Patent ankle boots to match your shiny disposition at these ridic, but legit prices! 


Damage to Wallet: Rs 4990

Where to buy: Zara


These Yetis are super to keep your twinkle toes warm AF. 

Damage to Wallet: Rs 3340

Where to buy: Shein


These blue velvet boots will have The King going: Blue Suede? Who dis? 600a4c7d-bff5-d46c-6552-750e4f05cbc4

Damage to Wallet: Rs 3675

Where to buy: Yoni 


These cut out booties are chic and cuties! 1815112308124

Damage to Wallet:RS 4165

Where to buy: withchic.com


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