#ShilpaShettyReviews: the funniest one liners from yesterday’s madness


The last few days have been pretty heavy with the Pride Week and stories from the LGBTQ gang… so Shilpa Shetty’s apparent faux pas yesterday came as a definite breather.

Reacting to news that Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings was now a a part of school syllabus in ICSE boards, Shetty suggested that books like Little Women and Animal Farm be a part of the syllabi also. But it wasn’t just this suggestion that made her the face of many viral memes… it was the reasons she apparently gave:


Animal Farm can teach the little ones to love and care for Animals:

— That’s her quote from the Times of India.

Now before we go any further, we should point out that Shetty came out with a statement last night, denying the entire incident as a misunderstanding.

Her husband Raj Kundra, tweeted in her defence.

Unfortunately for Shilpa, Twitter had already had a field day with her ‘review’ before this clarification. #ShilpaShettyReviews remained the top trend yesterday, with people coming up with the funniest mock book reviews attributed to Shilpa.

Here are some that cracked us up:

Aaaand our personal favourite:

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