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Delhi Pride Series 1: A Dame to Kill For

Asked to write this piece about my experience with dating as a lesbian in India, my first reaction was ‘how is any different from heterosexual dating?’ After all, you follow the same simple three steps: Scan for someone interesting Initiate conversation with said person Either proceed or repeat from Step 1 Full disclosure before moving forward: I am a late bloomer and it wasn’t until …

#InHerWords: My workplace was so sexist, I had to quit my job


For the first few years of my career as a journalist, I kept saying “no J-school ever prepares you for the real deal,” when, my J-school did actually prepare me for real life encounters at work. There were times my class would see our Dean flirt with his ‘favorite’ ladies from our batch. These women were also seen babysitting his kid at college get-togethers. Inevitably, …