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Our philosophy is simple: Be brave, and dare to be different — don’t give a f*ck what anyone else thinks! Style is about having fun and being comfortable in your own skin.

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#ShilpaShettyReviews: the funniest one liners from yesterday’s madness


The last few days have been pretty heavy with the Pride Week and stories from the LGBTQ gang… so Shilpa Shetty’s apparent faux pas yesterday came as a definite breather. Reacting to news that Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings was now a a part of school syllabus in ICSE boards, Shetty suggested that books like Little Women and Animal Farm be a part …

Toss and Talk: What you need to know to combat violence against women

Combat violence against women

Early this week, we heard Maneka Gandhi telling a group of journalists that India’s rape problem is an exaggeration fuelled by the media. She also claimed that back in 2014, India ranked among the lowest four nations in rape cases. Anyone who knows India in the least bit will know, her statement can be treated as wishful thinking at best — certainly not the reality. The …

Toss and Talk: What does our surprise at Trump’s victory in the United States say about us?


Avantika: So, it’s been a helluva week, guys. All of us were following the US presidency for different reasons. And, none of us predicted this outcome. How does everyone feel about Trump 2016? Janani: Will kick off by saying that I was 100% sure that Trump wouldn’t win and then the margin with which he won left me reflecting a lot on my understanding of …

Of ‘hot’ chaiwalas and sexy security guards: is objectification of men a feminist issue?

The Pakistani chaiwala, the Singapore security guard and the Afghan girl.

Toss and talk is a slumber party game where a group of people toss around a bunch of questions and everyone has to speak their minds on the subject truthfully. In its second such session, Pyjama People discussed the ‘chaiwala’ trend that took social media by a storm this week. A good-looking man was photographed in Pakistan and his picture was shared on Instagram. Soon …

#StreetStyle, Amazon India Fashion Week Style: our favourite fashionistas!


If you’ve ever wondered what to wear to a fashion week, these ladies are a lesson in dressing. The Cool Kids The Punk-first Club   Sirens in Saris   The White Dress Variations   Prim and Proper Perfection Shoes beyond Sneakers (FINALLY!) The Pyjamas!   Credits: Photos by Pakhi Sen, edited by Amal B. Related posts: Pyjama Pantaloonies Pyjama Picks from Amazon India Fashion Week SS2017 …

Toss and Talk 1: Oversimplification or Sensationalisation? Questions we have about the media coverage of Monika Ghudre’s murder and also a Hijabi ballerina

Monika Ghurude (left), the attack on Gigi Hadid (centre) & the hijabi ballerina (right).

Toss and talk is a slumber party game where a group of people toss around a bunch of questions and everyone has to speak their minds on the subject truthfully. This is a first of many discussion sessions, in which Pyjama People discusses topics and trends that have caught ours and your attention. This week, we’re discussing media standardised dialogues for women. Ladies have been in the news, …

#CurrentlyCoveting: we wanna buy all these beauties, and you will too!


The internet shall be the end of our savings. Especially with all this gorgeousness strewn across its every corner! The Pyjamas are currently coveting: Clothes Maxi Black Dress by metamorphoza Made from 100% cotton and 110% badassery, this dress is one of those thrown on and feel like you can conquer the world kinda garments.   Lovebirds Red Moon Dress Not once, not twice, you’d see this …

#LookBooksWeLove Fall/Winter 2016: The Red Door by Chola the Label


The Red Door   In Feng Shui, a red door symbolizes the Mouth Of Chi, a place from where energy enters a home. In Chinese homes, all front doors are painted this colour to welcome good vibes to the residents. The effect that CHOLA’s Fall 2016 collection will have on its wearers is similar. Each piece of clothing is a sheath against the chaotic world; the …

#TrueStory: Overheard in Lakme Fashion Week

LFW Feature

The fashion world is beautiful, bold, and surreal. And the Pyjamas are shameless eavesdroppers. In between (and some times inside) the gorgeous runway shows, we overheard some conversations that just had to immortalised in illustrations. The Connoisseurs Conversation Buyers from large stores, extremely rich aunties, and other older designers are the funnest people to listen to. They don’t really care who’s eavesdropping any way. (They don’t …

Light Jacket Season is here! 10 of our favourite blazers and overlays for your shopping ease


Goodbye August, sticky neck sweat, unbearable heat, and skin-drying air conditioners. September is here, and last month’s exhausting weather is soon going to seem like a dream… or nightmare — depending on how many cannon balls into a cool pool you managed to squeeze into your summer. The more, the merrier the hot season is, I’ve noticed. Before you can blink, it’ll be time for light jackets …