Simran Oberoi Multani

Simran Oberoi Multani

Simran Oberoi Multani is a founder of Ovenderful, a vegan bakery that delivers gluten-free, dairy free, sugar-free, zero-fat, lactation friendly baked goodies in Bangalore and across India (on selected items.) When she's not baking up a healthy storm, Simran is sharing mouth-watering goodness on her Twitter: Ovenderful​ and Instagram: @sim_ovenderful. You can also reach her at

Vegan Diwali Treat? Yes, Please!


There are hardly any Vegan Indian sweets to speak of, or to taste. While many Indians are vegan, gluten, dairy products, and sugar are pretty much the main ingredients to all our sweets. So what’s a vegan to do on Diwali? Not this, that’s for sure. First, remember, history’s got your back. There are a few gluten-free Indian sweets you can gorge on. Boondi Laddoo are …

Where can you buy Organic and Vegan Products in India?

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Sikkim was declared a 100% organic farming state in January this year, making it a benchmark for the world. Yet, the growth and availability of organic products — particularly those that are certified and credible — remains a challenge in India. It’s the irony we live with in today’s world. In the same vein, vegan products should also have been readily available in vegetarian-majority India. …

Vegan Baking 101


A lot of people come and ask me about Vegan Baking. The questions range from what is vegan baking to is it even possible to try it in India. It can seem like a mystery how something that doesn’t contain any cream, milk, eggs, butter, and (sacré bleu!) white sugar is even considered a baked product. But, trust me, vegan baking can be flavourful and …