Vishakha Saxena

Vishakha Saxena

Vishakha Saxena is a journalist and multi media producer. She currently works for India Today. Her bylines have appeared in Hindustan Times, Indian Express and DailyO. Follow her on Twitter @saxenavishakha

The supermoon of the century seen through 16 stunning pictures

Supermoon, November 2016

The moon last night appeared at its largest and brightest best, making for the greatest supermoon seeen since 1948. Visible in great detail, the closest moon of the year — and the century — had people rushing to capture it in all its glory. We put together some of the best images that were captured: A supermoon partly covered by clouds is seen behind Wat …

Lessons from my Depression: Being in the Moment


Over the last year, I’ve played hide and seek with depression. The rabbit hole has been deeper, tougher and so much more unpredictable that I could’ve even imagined. Now and then, I’ve been asked questions like, “why are you depressed? What is lacking in your life?” Other times I’m the lucky recipient of benevolent advice: “Smile. Just try to be happy. You have so much …