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These two Indian-American boys are playing Rihanna, Justin and Taylor Swift songs in #Bollywood style, and their covers sound better than the originals!


Nothing against Beibs and full love for Rihanna, but we can’t help but love these Bollywood style renditions of classic (are we that old yet?) pop songs by Texas-based duo Motel Town. The band comprising Rameez Anwar on the Sarangi and Arpit Pathak on the Tabla have left us with melodes that just won’t get out of our heads. Rihanna Work done Bollywood style The Rihanna cover is …

Four Prince-ly live performances to make you miss him even more


Prince was notorious about enforcing his copyright. Now, with his premature passing — he was only 57-years-old — we, the internet-generation, are left with only a few live performances and a handful of YouTube videos to remember him by. But, remember him we shall. Here’s four prince-ly moments in pop history to help you through this sad day. Singing ‘Creep’ live at Coachella in 2008 The upload …