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Magical, fantastical, hardcore, exciting, surprising, awakening, a super killer thriller, and that’s just a taste of this funky town. I fell in love hard with this city and its music scene. Not only did the wall come down literally, but also figuratively and Berlin’s party scene has only become cooler. The clubs are located in abandoned buildings and old factories. The vibe is techno grunge.  On …

Sisterhood of travelling pyjamas: There’s a crazy little place I know

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Down in Mexico (city) Day 1, beer won! What’s the first thing I do upon landing into beautiful Mexico city? Get myself a Colimita, of course. This craft brew claims to be “the beer from the earth and favorite of the sun.” It’s definitely a darn good lager! Next up… where there is Aniseed, there is FOOOOD!  The trendy Condessa area in Mexico city is teeming with great …