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The Cycle of Relationships


Billions of in the world, and every single one of them fall in and out of love in a singular fashion. Don’t shoot the messenger. You might miss the message.     Some things happen for a reason. Others just come by season.    Related posts: Pink reminded me how urban cities like Delhi browbeat working women Relationships What’s behind the Burqa? AntzDoodles for Pyjama People …

Not Your Usual Pin-Up: Edi Rama 2017


It hit me. Right in the middle of the Black Mirror episode that was de-monetization and Trump. Love was the only way out. So I grabbed it with both hands when I saw it…a piece in the pink, lifestyle section of The Guardian newspaper. A piece about the man I have now turned into my 2017 calendar — the Prime Minister of Albania and my new …

#ShilpaShettyReviews: the funniest one liners from yesterday’s madness


The last few days have been pretty heavy with the Pride Week and stories from the LGBTQ gang… so Shilpa Shetty’s apparent faux pas yesterday came as a definite breather. Reacting to news that Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings was now a a part of school syllabus in ICSE boards, Shetty suggested that books like Little Women and Animal Farm be a part …

#TrueStory: Overheard in Fashion Week: Amazon India Spring/Summer 2017


We do love eavesdropping during Fashion Weeks. Possibly, only a little less than we enjoy watching the beautiful clothes. Here’s some off-runway honesty from those in the know, when they thought no was listening. 😉 (We’re always listening, heads up.) The Organisers   Shout out to MSA-2 and our mother’s insistence than we wear bras!   This one’s for the unsung interns Can’t wait to hear the gems …

Missing The Point: celebrity sound bites.


There’s an ad infinite number of times that celebrities have hit the target, but missed the point. These two are just my favourites 😉 It should not be hard to guess, but let’s play a game where you tell me who these celebrities are. #FunGameToPlayWhileDrunk! Related posts: #GetLocal: Inside Modi’s constituency: Maninagar, Gujarat 12 Kickass Body Positive Instagram accounts you should follow if you’re not already About …

On Beauty


On Beauty Nail Polish A thing of beauty is a joy forever, said John Keats. Clearly, he’d never used nail polish.     On Bangs When you’re at your “gonna cut my own bangs” glass of wine. Related posts: #ShortHairDontHair: Five ways to style your short bob! 10 Graphic-Novels guaranteed to make you a comic connoisseur Fall in India: Expectation vs Reality College: the best years of …

#InHerWords: Dear Marks & Spencer, I’m fun, and I’m fat. Gimme bras like me!


Dear Marks And Spencer, Have you – the whole lot of you that makes and sells and distributes lovely lingerie across the world – ever slept with a fat woman? I have to ask because clearly, you’ve got this all figured out. Let’s see…the rack for size 30 A, B and C. Bra colours: pink with black spots, leopard prints, monkey prints, candy stripes. And …

Fall in India: Expectation vs Reality


When only the fashion industry thinks Summer is over, and the climate is like: Nope!  Related posts: As nations speak of wars, a small group of creatives focus on Indo-Pak’s common narratives through the eyes of young artists #TrueStory: Overheard in Fashion Week: Amazon India Spring/Summer 2017 Urban Talk: snippets eavesdropped across India On Beauty

Shopping Diet Part Deux: Birthday Bonanza!

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 10.09.51 am

I love birthdays and this year only served to further increase this love for birthday celebrations!! August started for me with a 2-day trip to Chennai where I spent time with a couple close friends and my entire family (over the last 15 years my siblings, parents and I have all been in different continents.) I was showered with love by these 4 munchkins (and the adults …

#TrueStory: Overheard in Lakme Fashion Week

LFW Feature

The fashion world is beautiful, bold, and surreal. And the Pyjamas are shameless eavesdroppers. In between (and some times inside) the gorgeous runway shows, we overheard some conversations that just had to immortalised in illustrations. The Connoisseurs Conversation Buyers from large stores, extremely rich aunties, and other older designers are the funnest people to listen to. They don’t really care who’s eavesdropping any way. (They don’t …