Pyjama Philosophy

What is a Pyjama People?

Pyjama People | pəˈdʒɑːmə ˈpiːp(ə)l |

noun; plural

  • People of both sexes blessed with loose morals and tight-azz style.

verb (past and past participle)

  1. [no obj.] to style yourself focusing on comfort and creativity rather than trends
  2. [with obj.] to wear what you want when you want.
  3. [no obj.] to walk into the Ritz in your PJs and behave surprised when the maître de tells you it’s not a ball gown.

Use in a Conversation

Step-sister 1: What are you going to wear to the King’s Ball?
Cinderella: I haven’t thought about it yet. Probably just throw on my organic linen striped kaftan with my gold Stuart Weitzman wedges, and maybe head gear made out of black Portuguese roses.
Step-sister 2: So you’re Pyjama-Peopling at the Ball, then?


Who Are We?

This is us:

pyjama philosophy

In a few decades, anyway.

Ok, This is us:

The Original Pyjama People

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 02.19.01Chola ‘Sohaya’ Misra
Co-founder, Style Director

Chola’s mum had lovingly named her Sohaya, but the pint-sized wonder needed a name that was just as punchy — so Chola she became.

She got her start working on Manisha Koirala’s costumes for the 1999 movie Mann and hasn’t looked back since! A veteran of the business, Cho’s styled films like Calcutta Express, to numerous national and international advertisements. She’s also a personal stylist to Neha Dhupia, and has two clothing labels Bachcha Party and Chola the Label — for kids and adults respectively. Sohaya’s line is sold across India and abroad. Chola won Grazia’s 2016 Designer of the Year.

She loves globetrotting, comfortable kaftans, John Lennon’s sunglasses, bottle-sized glasses of wine, boots of all types and in every season, her golden retriever Llama and her husband writer/director Fahd Shah. (Not necessarily in that order, relax Fahd!)

Twitter @chola_is_me / Instagram: @sohaya / Email:

You can also follow Chola’s label on Instagram: @chola_the_label. Email her on for sale enquiries on Chola The Label, and for style submissions for Pyjama People via


avantikaAvantika Mehta
Co-founder, Editorial and Content Director 

Avantika Mehta used to be a lawyer, resident Blue Frog party freak and proud wearer of harem pants curated from Kasol. Then she became a writer and it all went downhill.

To run this blog, and to support her shoe addiction, she works as a senior reporter for Hindustan Times. She’s written non-fiction for The Sunday Guardian, Tehelka magazine, Times of India. Her fiction has been published by The Asia Literary Review and Out of Print magazine. Famous Scottish journalists have been known to call her ‘a volatile woman.’

She likes procrastinating writing till five minutes after her deadline to submit; white pointy flats; Joan Didion; and Laphroaig of any age.

Twitter @bitingfriends / Instagram: @bitingfriends / Email:

Email Avantika at if you want to submit content — written, photography, art, or otherwise — for the website. She also manages Pyjama Post, our newsletter, and can be contacted through


divyaDivya Gupta

Marketing and Business Director, Resident Baniya

Divya is a biz-whiz who was running her own risk assessment company before she turned 30! She’s a stylish piece of cuteness who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after her goals. She’s now a partner at SecureNow Insurance Broker.

She likes quirky accessories, learning about everything under the sun, long billowing dresses, and funky music. You’ll find Divya buried under a pile of books, working her butt, or and bopping to live music, especially that of her husband Karan Khosla’s band NuDeli Rhythm Section, at all the best venues in Delhi. And, you’ll find her on Pyjama People!

Instagram: @divyag82 / Email Divya at for any collaboration and marketing enquiries.

Please send general enquiries to