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#TrueStory: Overheard in Fashion Week: Amazon India Spring/Summer 2017


We do love eavesdropping during Fashion Weeks. Possibly, only a little less¬†than we enjoy watching the beautiful clothes. Here’s some off-runway honesty from those in the know, when they thought no was listening. ūüėČ (We’re always listening, heads up.) The Organisers   Shout out to¬†MSA-2 and our mother’s insistence than we wear bras!   This one’s for the¬†unsung interns Can’t wait to hear the gems …

#StreetStyle, Amazon India Fashion Week Style: our favourite fashionistas!


If you’ve ever wondered what to wear to a fashion week, these ladies are a lesson in dressing. The Cool Kids The Punk-first Club   Sirens in Saris   The White Dress Variations   Prim and Proper Perfection Shoes beyond Sneakers (FINALLY!) The Pyjamas!   Credits: Photos by Pakhi Sen, edited by¬†Amal B. Related posts: Pyjama Pantaloonies Pyjama Picks from Amazon India Fashion Week SS2017 …