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Not Your Usual Pin-Up: Edi Rama 2017


It hit me. Right in the middle of the Black Mirror episode that was de-monetization and Trump. Love was the only way out. So I grabbed it with both hands when I saw it…a piece in the pink, lifestyle section of The Guardian newspaper. A piece about the man I have now turned into my 2017 calendar — the Prime Minister of Albania and my new …

Closets of New Delhi: the artistic, detailed style of colourist Tanya Goel


Colourist/ ˈkʌlərɪst An artist who use colour who uses colour in a unique and stylish way. That’s a pretty accurate description of Tanya Goel’s work — she was lauded for her first and second exhibitions. It is also an apt way to describe her style, of which the beautiful artist has plenty! While she’s working on her third exhibition at present, Tanya invited us Pyjamas over …